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Montessori Buzz – Feb. 28, 2017

Camp Discovery, Montessori Week,
and plenty of fun photos 

Dear MA Families:

Camp Discovery online Registration opens Wednesday!

Register online starting tomorrow, March 1! To register and to find details on our summer programs for both Explorers (2-3 years) and Adventurers (4-6 years) visit our website:

Please note that registration for Camp Discovery Adventurers will open to the public on Monday. Register early to ensure your child’s spot in this enriching summer program!

Ecuador 2018 Trip – Registration & deposit due March 10

A reminder that March 10 is the deadline for families to submit your registration form and deposit for the trip to Ecuador in March 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Kristen at 519-433-9121 ext. 222 or

Children’s Health Foundation: Beach Day on March 10

The second Charitable Giving event, Beach Day, will occur on March 10, 2017.  All students can dress in beach attire for an enjoyable “day under the sun”. We will be accepting any loonies or toonies for the Children’s Health Foundation programs. We will be continuing to support Music Therapy and Preparation and Readiness Enhancement Program (PREP). Your givings will be split half and half, therefore each program will receive equal donations. This selection of programs have helped and provided happiness for all children, including this year’s champion child Jack Householder. Remember every contribution counts!

Thank you for your continued support.

Adam and Bradyn, Jr. High students

Celebrate International Montessori Week!!

Podcast: Guess who made the podcast topic for “Stuff You Missed in History Class” …. Dr. Maria Montessori! The episode ‘Maria Montessori’ offers a 40-minute story of her life and her influences for her system of education. See link below:

Videos… Along with other CCMA and Montessori schools, we are celebrating International Montessori Week. Follow the posts on social media through the hashtags #MontessoriWeek and #MontessoriToddler, #MontessoriCasa. Later in the week, the various schools will add #MontessoriElementary and #MontessoriAdolescent videos – keep your eyes peeled and feel free to share the content to help us spread the word about authentic Montessori education.

MA has posted two videos so far:

  • Our video shared on Monday of a Toddler Classroom demonstrates the Toddler child’s concentration and coordination:

  • If you missed our share in Facebook last week, this is a lovely 12-minute video on traditional, authentic Montessori programs – like ours. In the video we hear from an Adolescent-Program teacher who, like our Junior High teachers, explains how you really start to see the benefits and value of the Montessori education as the children mature. An investment in Montessori education pays dividends throughout a child’s lifetime!  

    Boston Pizza Night

    Thank you to all the families who joined us for our Celebrity Server Night last week at Boston Pizza. And thank you to the amazing staff who served us – after a long day teaching, no less! Everyone had a great time, and the evening’s dine-in and take-out sales raise close to $400 for the school! Wow and thank you!

    Sports update!

    Senior Basketball 
    Congratulations to both of our senior basketball teams on a great season. The boys and girls teams have moved on to the second round of the “B” playoffs after winning their first round games. The girls will play tonight at St Michael and the boys will play tomorrow/Wednesday at St Michael. Start time for both games is 4 pm. A win this week would put both teams into the semi-finals next week at Mother Theresa high school. Good Luck!!

    Junior Basketball

    Junior basketball will begin after March Break. It is open to all students in Years 4-6. Schedules for the boys and girls team will be posted on the Upper Elementary website when they are finalized.

    Junior Hockey

    Junior hockey is under way. The team has played two tough games, a loss to St. Mary’s and a win against Matthews Hall. The team hits the ice this Wednesday at 8 am against St. Mary’s for a rematch at Carling Arena. Our final game will be 8 am Wednesday, March 8, against Matthews Hall at Carling Arena.

    Phys. Ed Teacher for the Day

    Claire A. joined Janet and Dave for classes on a Tuesday in February.  Claire chose the activities and even participated with the classes.

    Phys. Ed Field Trip – JH Curling

    Earlier today, the Junior High students received some in-class instruction on the fine art of curling; we’ll follow this up with a visit to the London Curling Club tomorrow and next Wednesday, March 8. Their session will run from 9:30 am-noon.

    Casa basketball

    Casa 3 and Casa 1 recently took part in some basketball. (Could someone here be the next Stephen Curry?!) 

    Waterloo Toddler indoor and outdoor activities!

    Toddler Friendship Day  

    In the Toddler classroom we focus on being kind, helping a friend, having gentle hands and taking care of each other every day. To make Valentine’s Day extra special for the children, we made a friendship fruit salad. All the children brought in various types of fruit that we washed and prepared. All the chopped up fruit went into a giant bowl for everyone to enjoy. The children were so proud to bring in fruit to share with their friends and to help prepare this delicious snack.

    Toddler Tango – Teacher Party!

    There is no one who loves to dance more than a toddler!! The children enjoyed dancing with balloons, making jingle bell bracelets and glow stick ribbon wands. After lots of creativity and moving it was time to enjoy a delicious dinner — topped off with some Jell-o jigglers, of course!! The Toddler Tango was a huge success!! On behalf of the Waterloo Toddler Teachers thank you for sharing your toddlers with us for a fun-filled evening that supported the school’s fundraising, too!

    A beautiful day!!

    When the temperatures hit the double digits in February the Toddlers need to get out moving and exploring!! The children did a wonderful job walking as a group over to Piccadilly Park today. Everyone has grown so much we didn’t even need a wagon! The children loved being in the park seeing squirrels out collecting food, dogs going for a walk and of course playing on the climbers and slides. Hopefully this beautiful weather is here to stay as we had a wonderful day.

    Casa Winter(-ish) Carnaval

    Despite the unseasonably warm weather, the Casa classes celebrated Winter Carnaval last week. Waterloo Casa took part in activities at our Oxford St. location. The children made a castle out of ice blocks, went ice fishing, played some hockey and did a bean bag toss.  They were all so excited to meet Bonhomme!  Special thank you to our Junior High helpers Nicole, Ella, Clara and Ashlyn for helping to make our celebration a fun one.

    Casa 4 – Lots of learning

    Casa 4 has had fun making crafts and baking on the 100th day of school, Valentine’s day and on Bonhomme Carnaval. They were busy sorting, counting, threading, baking, colouring and cutting. Their colouring and cutting skills are the result of the work they do every day when manipulating the metal insets and cutting exercises.

    Work with the metal insets develops a child’s eye-hand coordination, strengthens and refines the child’s pencil grip, increase a child’s ability to concentrate, and stirs the child’s interest in design and beauty!  

    Cutting exercises allow the child to build up the tiny muscles in the palm of their hand with the continuous “open and close” of the hand; enhance eye-hand coordination (using vision, processing what is seen, and moving the hand simultaneously to accomplish a task); and encourage a child to use bilateral coordination – using both sides of the body at the same time while each hand is performing its own task. For example, when the children were cutting their crowns on the 100th day of school or cutting their “Bonhommes” on Bonhomme Carnaval Day, they had to hold the paper with one hand (and continuously turn it) while the other hand was opening and closing the scissors and moving forward to cut.

    The hand, Maria Montessori says, is used to express one’s thoughts, emotions, and intellect…and if the hand wishes to work, we must provide (the child) with things on which he can exercise an intelligent activity. (Source: The Absorbent Mind)

    Mini-soap reminder

    Are you going away for March Break? Lesley is collecting mini-soaps for grating exercises. The hotel-size soaps are perfect for little hands, so if you happen to remember, please grab some extras. You can provide them to the Front Desk or Lesley.

    From the Community
    Here is some information on upcoming Home Alone courses offered through St. John’s Ambulance. For more details and to register, visit their website: 

    From the Public Health Nurse…
    Is It Time to Reduce Your Childs’ Screen Time?
    Did you know, in 2015, Canadians were given a D- on the particapACTION report card for sedentary behaviour?  Sedentary behaviour is when you are awake and sitting or lying down, using little energy (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, 2011).  Some examples are sitting for long periods of time, getting rides instead of walking or wheeling places, watching television, sitting while playing video games, and spending time on a computer, tablet or cell phone.  

    Canadian screen time guidelines recommend less than 1 hour per day for 2-4 year olds, and less than 2 hours for 5-17 year olds.

    What can you do as a parent to improve sedentary behaviour in your child’s life?

    • Allow them to walk or wheel to school
    • Keep screens (T.V., mobile devices, computers, or video games) out of the bedroom 
    • Monitor and limit screen time in your home
    • Keep screens off during meals
    • Be a role model. Limit your screen time in front of your children   
    • Get active with your family  

    Improve your children’s report card by helping them learn ways to be healthier. Begin by reducing screen time! Sit Less and Move More!

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