Montessori Academy in the Community

Montessori Academy of London may seem like a dot on the map compared to the vast network of publically funded schools in the city. But despite our size, we have a huge impact on the community through our unique approach to education that’s equal parts innovation and tradition.

A Montessori education allows children to develop at their own pace while teaching them that independence does not equal isolation. We are all part of a greater community and each one of us can have a positive effect on our world.

Whether we’re raising funds for worthy organizations or partnering with local business to support their success, MA programs support our vision of a community of confident, compassionate and engaged citizens who think globally, act responsibly and collaborate successfully to create a humane world.

Below are some of the many stories that highlight our students’ work in the community.

The Holiday Acts of Kindness Committee

“The Holiday Acts of Kindness Committee creates fun activities that people can sign up for during the holiday season. We started this committee because we wanted to thank our neighbours for being very nice and we just wanted to do something kind for others. Some of the things we did this year were Christmas origami, […]

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