Strategic Priorities

Strategic Direction – 2022-2027

Please see this message from the Board leadership for the context about the development of the following Strategic Priorities, which will guide the school for the next five years.


Strategic priority 1. Continue to deliver world-class Montessori education

  1. Solidify our commitment to best practices through expanded CCMA accreditation
  2. Augment curriculum at all levels through partnerships with aligned organizations
  3. Support students with diverse learning styles

Strategic priority 2. Nurture our school community, support our families

  1. Educate parents about their child’s Montessori journey at every level
  2. Enhance opportunities for communication, connection and collaboration
  3. Offer creative and flexible options for parent engagement
  4. Engage our community regarding trends that impact our students

Strategic priority 3. Invest in our people, plan for the future

  1. Provide meaningful professional development opportunities for our people
  2. Create leadership opportunities and develop succession plans for key positions
  3. Leverage local education training centres to recruit and train new educators
  4. Conduct annual assessments of our people to ensure ongoing professional excellence

Strategic priority 4. Optimize environments for learning, teaching and administration

  1. Anticipate future technology needs and evaluate on-site support requirements
  2. Invest in educator-led technology, infrastructure upgrades for classroom environments
  3. Improve indoor environments for educators, learning support staff, and administrators
  4. Evaluate and enhance outdoor learning spaces for students across campus

Strategic priority 5. Envision and ensure a sustainable future

  1. Attract families aligned with Montessori philosophy and foster long-term commitment
  2. Design fund development strategies to extend the school’s financial support network
  3. Develop and evaluate potential growth scenarios aligned with the school’s mission



Download a copy:

PDF – Text version of Strategic Priorities document: MA Strategic Direction 2022-27 – PDF 

PDF – Designed version of Strategic Priorities: MA Strat Priorities 2022-2027 – PDF booklet


Our vision is a community of confident, compassionate and engaged citizens
who think globally, act responsibly and collaborate successfully
to create a humane world.


To provide a world-class Montessori education
that promotes academic excellence and prepares children and young adults
to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders.


Global Citizenship
Critical Thinking