Something to see for yourself.

Child with glue stick

There’s something special about the Montessori classroom. Visitors regularly comment on how different our classrooms look and feel.

You won’t see rows upon rows of desks jammed together to maximize space. You won’t see a teacher looming over students as they furiously write notes to memorize.

Instead, you’ll see groups of students learning together – or individual students working independently. You’ll see shelves of colourful material that engages the senses. You’ll see inquiry and discovery. You’ll see a passion for learning.

In every Montessori classroom visit you’ll see something different because every day brings a new discovery and a new learning experience.

We invite you to see for yourself…

As part of the application process, we ask every interested family to attend an information session and tour of our school. You’ll see first-hand what makes Montessori so different – and so special.

To register for an information session and tour of Montessori Academy, please contact or call 519-433-9121.

Information sessions begin at 9:15 a.m., at our Main Office – 719 Waterloo Street. Please note: the information sessions and tours of the school take 90 minutes and move between several of our buildings, so, we strongly suggest that you to find care for your child.

Planning a year ahead to apply to our school is recommended as many of our programs reach capacity. For our Toddler programs, students need to be 18 months or turning 18 months in the month they begin. All of our programs follow the school calendar year and therefore students begin their programs in September. January starts are limited and based on classroom capacity.

Our information sessions run from 9:15-10:45 a.m., at our Main Office – 719 Waterloo Street.

Summer 2019 Information Sessions

Fall 2019 Information Sessions