(Art pictured by: Luca Bonnar, Alysia Hopps Gomez)

Art Expo 2022!

May 11, 2022 between 6-8pm at Brescia’s Mercato Room.

Join us for an MA-zing evening of creativity and community!
Artwork, improv, dance, a photo booth and scavenger hunt! It’s going to be an art-rageous interactive experience!

Featuring the creative projects of students in Casa through Junior High.


“Imagination does not become great until human beings,
given the courage and the
use it to create.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori




Sponsor opportunities available!

Interested in supporting our Art Expo? Take a look through our Art Expo 2022 Sponsorship Guide (PDF), or contact Tonya Dendrinos, Development Director, for information: tdendrinos@montessori.on.ca.


Thank you, Sponsors!

Every two years, our students, art department and volunteers work eagerly to create, curate and elegantly display the students’ artwork from the year. Each student in the school picks their pieces they are most proud of to display at the Art Expo. Parents, extended family and students gather at our Art Expo to view their piece on display.

This year’s Art Expo will be held at Brescia University’s beautiful Mercato Room. This stunning space has been used in the past for our 50th Anniversary Gala and Art Expo, and is the perfect canvas to display our students’ masterpieces.

Support from our Sponsors helps to offset the cost of this grand event.