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Board of Governors seeks parent members

Dear MA Families, The school is seeking new members to join the Board to Governors to replace departing members next year.  Our bylaws require that the majority of the positions are filled with volunteers from the community at large.  However, there will be a vacancy for up to two parent volunteer members, so I am writing to invite parents to express their interest via the Board email address: For a list of current board members, visit the school website’s Board of Governors page:

Governor opportunities

Please keep in mind that in order to best serve its mandate of oversight of the school, the Board membership looks to maintain a diverse array of experiences and skills sets. We utilize a sophisticated matrix tool that depicts our existing capabilities and areas. We use the tool to guide us in our succession planning to indicate where we will need to strengthen the Board’s capabilities. 

Presently, the Board is seeking to enhance our experience in cyber security/information technology, financial literacy and government or public relation. Previous board experience is also valued. Therefore preference will be given to volunteers who possess these areas of expertise along with board experience. However, interested parties should not be deterred. The Board is structured to be a dynamic body with fresh additions every year, and needs vary year to year.

If you are interested in joining the Board in a governor role, please email a brief letter of interest and CV by email to by Monday, Oct. 12, 2020.

Board committee opportunities

Also, there are several Board committees that can be enhanced by the participation of parents. These committees can be an excellent way for parents to get acquainted with the Board, its mandates and the school’s strategic priorities. If you are interested in learning more about the various board committees, please email a brief letter of introduction and personal CV by email to

Thank you,

Suzanne Fratschko Elliott, President
Board of Governors

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