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Board of Governors Year-end Message 2021

Dear Montessori Academy of London Families & Friends,

As the 2020-2021 school year draws to a close and I reflect on the past months, a few words come to mind – perseverance, resilience and hope. It has been a year where we have all needed to persevere to simply keep moving through to get beyond. Despite the many challenges we have faced, we have all demonstrated strength, agility and caring to help each other ‘move through’ in the hope we will ‘get beyond’. Thank you to Tina, the staff and administration for doing an incredible job ensuring the school year was the best that it could possibly be for our students and the entire Montessori community. You all shine and we are extremely grateful!

With the end of the school year, so too ends the fiscal year for the Board of Governors. As Governors, it is our responsibility to steward the school’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals, while establishing policies and procedures consistent with those objectives. The Board safeguards the assets of the school and supports the Executive Director to enhance the performance and reputation of the school overall.

Despite lower enrolment numbers this year, our cash position was solid, and the capital renovation projects which were deferred last summer will begin this summer. All other areas of the school’s Strategic Plan – ‘Building Our Future Together’ – are tracking to a successful completion as the Board begins work on developing the school’s next strategic plan throughout 2021-2022. We look forward to your valued participation in envisioning future possibilities for the Montessori Academy of London.

This past year, Governors Jim Middlemiss and Carl Hallberg completed their terms serving on the Board, and it was with sadness that we received the resignation of Christina Mack. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I would like to extend my immense gratitude for their generous contributions of time and expertise. We also welcomed new Governors, Ted Middleton and Matt Grossi, while re-appointing Tyler Reavell and Andrea Dean. We are so fortunate to have such creative and outstanding contributors on our Board. Thank you to all Governors. It is a privilege to serve among such a dedicated group of individuals. Learn more about our governors on the school’s website:

Our future looks bright! Vaccinations are proceeding ahead of schedule, enrollment is strong, the sun is shining so brightly over our community, and September looks like we will be able to enjoy all things in-person once again!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and hope-filled summer!

Most sincerely,
Suzanne Fratschko Elliott
President, Montessori Academy Board of Governors



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