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Board Welcome message 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year

Dear Montessori Academy Families and Friends,

The summer is over and it is back to school for the Montessori community.  I want to welcome everyone returning for another year.  I also want  to extend a special welcome to those families whose children are joining us for their first time.  I am positive your children will enjoy their programs, teachers and staff of our school immensely.  I believe the Montessori Academy of London to be a treasure for the city and I hope your children’s experience will help you think the same way.
In August the Board of Governors held its second annual summer retreat.  We use this activity to establish the Board’s priorities for coming year and assign them to our committees.  Joining us for the first time in this exercise as Governors were: Rachel Noye, an Alumni Parent; Dharshi Lacey, a Community member;  Meghan Komenda, a Community member; and Christina Mack, a current parent. They are all amazing individuals, and as a group they bring a wonderful mix of strengths and experiences to our Board. I encourage you to visit the school’s website and peruse their bios in greater detail.  We are so fortunate that people of this calibre are willing to serve on our Board. 
Stepping off the Board as a Governor on July 1 was Julie Elgie.  Julie has been on the Board for seven years, and has served in a variety of roles, including President and Board Chair. She has helped the school transform itself under new provincial early years regulations a few years ago and has always brought a thoughtful perspective to the Board’s deliberations … So much so, that for the first time in our brief history, we decided to recognize her contributions, as well as ask her to “hang around a bit longer,” by making her the Board’s Honorary Governor for the next year. I look forward to seeing how the Board and the school will benefit from her attendance at our board meetings.
A couple of key priorities for the Board in 2020 will be in the finance and capital area. The finance committee will review the school’s fees and financial policies in order to align them with best practices of independent schools in Ontario. This type of review hasn’t been done in several years and we believe we can likely streamline our policies in this area and make things simpler.  We will also review our capital budgets and funding; the outcome of this will be major updates to the Elementary Buildings, which will be the largest and most significant renovations to date. 
This is the beginning of what’s sure to be a fantastic year. As a current parent in the school, I  encourage you to be involved in your child’s classroom throughout the year, whether that’s through classroom visits, observations or sharing your experiences for lessons. It will have a huge impact on the students — and you, too. Also, read the Buzz parent newsletter each Tuesday and the emails you receive from your classrooms’ Parent Representatives. Finally, take advantage of the access you have to the teachers and school leadership; the level of investment the staff and faculty have in your child’s development is unlike anywhere else. You will soon see how all of this makes this school — and your child’s Montessori education — so special. 
Once again, welcome to the new school year! I hope to see you at many of our school events!
Kevin Higgins 
President, Board of Governors 

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