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Board Year-end message June 2022

Dear Montessori Academy of London Families,
As I’ve been contemplating my message for this 2021-2022 school year, the words vitality and reconnection kept entering my thoughts. Vitality as “the state of being strong and active” and reconnection, “to be joined again.” September saw a return to the classroom and throughout the school year things started to feel more “normal.” With opportunities like the Halloween Family Bowling, Storybook skating, Snow Much Fun at The Factory, Art Expo 2022, the Artisan Market, and most recently the Family & Friends event at Storybook Gardens, our community embraced reconnection and our vitality returned. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the lively and joyful faces of our students and staff.

Sure, there were still many safety protocols and processes that needed to be adhered to so we could ensure the safety and well-being of all, but we did it! Thank you to Tina, the staff and administration for doing an incredible job ensuring the school year was the best that it could possibly be for our students and the entire Montessori community. You all beam with vitality and caring every day and we are extremely grateful!

With the end of the school year, so too ends the fiscal year for the Board of Governors. As Governors, it is our responsibility to steward the school’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities, while establishing policies and procedures consistent with those objectives. The Board safeguards the assets of the school and supports the Executive Director to enhance the performance and reputation of the school overall.

Enrolment for 2021-2022 was truly a great news story! Having experienced a decline the previous year, enrolment rebounded to 330 students. Admissions inquiries remained strong throughout the year and prospective and returning families were again able to observe Montessori students in action throughout our locations.

Our cash position remained solid, and in the fall, students returned to a newly refurbished outdoor play environment at 311 Oxford and a new kitchen and cubby storage area at 711 Waterloo. More extensive capital renovation projects are planned for 711 Oxford, however due to the complexity of the work and the challenges the trades are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, this project will be tendered in late fall 2022 with work being completed in the summer of 2023. All other areas of the school’s Strategic Plan – ‘Building Our Future Together’ – are tracking to a successful completion, and the Board has been working on envisioning future possibilities for the school’s development through a new 2023-2028 strategic plan. Thank you to Alumni parent and Board Governor, Andrea Dean, for facilitating this process with us. We look forward to sharing the next strategic plan with you in the future.

This year, Governors Dharshi Lacey, Rachel Noye, and Sarah Tattersall completed their terms serving on the Board. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I would like to extend my immense gratitude for their generous contributions of time and expertise. After nine years of service on the Board as a Governor, President and Honorary member, it was with mixed emotion that we received Julie Elgie’s resignation. Julie’s dedication and leadership has had an immense impact that has advanced the school beautifully. Her service to our community is truly a wonderful legacy and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you, Julie!

This year we also welcomed new Governors Angie Daouk, Mark Innes, Eric Janitis and Melissa Sariffodeen, while re-appointing Megan Komenda and Wilma McIntyre. We are so fortunate to have such creative and outstanding contributors on our Board. Thank you to all Governors. It is a privilege to serve among such a dedicated group of individuals. I encourage you to learn more about our Board members on the school’s website:<
Here’s to vitality and reconnection!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy summer filled with friends, family and loads of fun!

Most sincerely,
Suzanne Fratschko Elliott, President
Montessori Academy Board of Governors
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