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FILLED: Job Opportunity – EA for UE student (private client)

One of Montessori Academy’s families is hiring for an Educational Assistant for their child who is moving up to Grade 4 in September 2023. 

  • WHERE: Montessori Academy of London in London, Ontario
  • WHEN: to start September 2023, with all school holidays and MA PD days off; annual contract position
  • HOURS: Minimum of 25 hours per week. Please note: School hours are 8:45am-3:30pm Monday to Friday, and scheduled hours will vary throughout the week.
  • LEVEL: Grade 4
  • FOR: a smart 10-year-old boy with Kabuki syndrome; to provide learning support by attending classes with him and ensuring he understands the material and follows all instructions.
  • SALARY: $20.60 per hour
  • QUALIFICATIONS: Any of the following will be considered: Special Education training or any previous experience as an Educational Assistant.
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