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Elementary and JH delayed restart of in-class learning

Dear MA Families,  With the announcement yesterday from the provincial government, we wanted to confirm with all of you, that our students and teachers from Years 1 to 8 will continue in our home-based learning program until Friday, January 22.

It has also been confirmed this morning that our Toddler and Casa students are not impacted, and are welcome to continue coming to school.  

Currently in our calendar, Friday, January 22 is a PD Day. Originally, this PD Day was going to be used to facilitate small group tours for families who have students moving up to a new level in the school in September. Our plans for our Moving Up sessions also have to be modified. Part of these sessions have been reimagined so they can be shared digitally, but we have more video footage that we are not currently able to record. This means our Toddler and Casa students, who have been on-site, will still have a PD Day, while our Elementary and Junior High students will continue with their home-based learning schedule in the morning only, allowing staff a half-day for professional development. 

We understand this information creates a mix of emotions for our entire community. We are so grateful to all of you — our families and staff — for making the adjustments you have in order to thrive this week. We have heard such positive feedback from parents over the past few days; they have expressed how grateful they are for the way our teachers have reconnected with the students to meet their needs – emotionally and academically. 

As often said between Michelle and Barack Obama, “Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?”

Here at MA, we work for the world as it should be.We can’t wait to hear the joy of learning fill our Elementary and Junior High homes once again in the coming weeks. 
Be well,

Tina Sartori Executive Director

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