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February 10 potential re-start date

Dear MA Families, 

Late yesterday we received notification that in-class learning for Elementary and Junior High private school students will also be February 10. We understand that this is frustrating news, knowing all that our school community is doing to maintain a safe learning environment for our students. We will continue to keep you informed if anything changes with this timeline. 

We recognize the disappointment that resides in our Elementary and Junior High students knowing they are away from a place that feels like a second home to them and all of the essential elements that support their in-class learning, as well as the added stress this places on everyone, especially our parents and our teachers. We will take the time to consider how we can increase our students’ time in the classroom in the months ahead, once we have a better understanding of when we will be back. 

Updates to COVID Parent Guides

We also received the updated guidance documents from the Ministry for both our CCEYA (Toddler/Casa) and Elementary programs, which includes Junior High. The highlights are below and we will update our COVID Parent Guides to reflect these changes, and add them to our school website and the MA Parent Portal.  

Toddler and Casa

  • Children over the age of 2 to third-year Casa are encouraged to wear masks.
  • Staff are required to wear masks outside if physical distancing can not be maintained.
  • Daily screening results of both students and staff are to be recorded by 8 a.m. and validated by the school. (Please note: this is not new for us, we have done this since the start of school.) 

Elementary and Junior High

  • Mandatory masking for students in Years 1 – 8 and outdoors if distancing can’t be maintained. Reasonable exceptions on the requirement to wear masks will apply.  
  • Students are encouraged not to congregate with any other students outside their cohort outside of school hours.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation with these new protocols, as we continue to navigate the ever-changing waters of living and learning in COVID times. A lot has happened this week and it has been emotional for many, including myself. Take time this weekend to plug into whatever will serve you best in order to keep going. We can do it, because we all belong to MA, where we are MA-zing. 🙂 

Be well, 

Tina Sartori, Executive Director

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