In celebration of Montessori Academy of London’s 50th Anniversary, we have launched two new giving programs!


Join the 50th Anniversary Club

As a member of the 50th Anniversary Club you are part of a group dedicated to providing children and youth with a world-class Montessori education.

To join, pledge a gift to an area of need that is important to you, and spread payments out over the school year.

If you don’t have a preference, donations to our unrestricted fund will go to the area of greatest need in the school. By contributing at any level, you will continue to impact education choice in London as you sustain the longevity of our school through your pledge. Every donation is used to enhance our students educational experience.

These are just some of the ways your monthly donation makes a difference…

Program Materials – $25/Month

A core element of Montessori education is the specialized classroom materials. Dr. Montessori was one of the first educators to realize that children learn better when they use their sense of touch. This is why Montessori material is critical to the classroom and education of our students. We are also committed to providing students with education that keeps pace with our modern world. Google Chromebooks were our most recent technological purchase.

Your gift will total $250 by June 2018. This incredible gift will help us purchase high quality Montessori materials throughout the year and plan for any future classroom technology needs.


Faculty Development – $50/Month

Our teaching team is our most prized asset. Teachers require special training to be qualified Montessori teachers as well as continuing education to keep pace with our student’s evolving needs. We continuously invest in our teachers to ensure they continue to provide extraordinary education to our students. From webinars to full day workshops and conferences, we strive to provide our faculty opportunities to learn more about child development and education.

By year end, your gift of $500 will provide a teacher with ongoing access to webinars, workshops and training throughout the school year.

Special Projects – $75/Month

Once in a while an opportunity arises that makes an incredible impact on the way we educate our students. Our special projects fund allows us to tackle these initiatives, projects such as the Oxford Street and Westmount outdoor learning environments and our elementary courtyard.

Your donation of $75 a month will total $750 by June 30, 2018. Your generous gift will ensure that we can continue to act on ideas that will greatly enhance the education and development of our students.


Tuition Support- $100/Month

Many families make financial sacrifices because they truly believe in the Montessori philosophy and are determined their child receive a quality Montessori education. Sometimes the financial sacrifices aren’t enough to cover the full cost of tuition. The Financial Support program provides tuition assistance to committed MA families. Over the past five years, the program has assisted over 50 families.

Your donation will total $1,000 at the end of the school year, which will make the difference as to whether a family has to withdraw their child, or can continue on their Montessori journey.

Capital Improvements – $200/Month

The uniqueness of our classrooms and beautiful historical buildings, as well as centralized location offer so many benefits to our students. Gifts to our Capital Improvements fund have paid for upgrades (new flooring, paint, new bathrooms) in many of our classrooms.

Your support of $200 a month will amount to $2,000 by the end of the school year. This incredible contribution will help us maintain our learning environments and plan for new capital improvements that will continue to enhance our world-class Montessori program.


Leadership Circle – $500/Month

By becoming part of the 50th Anniversary Leadership Circle you are joining a group of dedicated supporters who lead the way for the Montessori Academy of London to exceed expectations for years to come. A gift of $500 per month will total $5,000 by the end of the school year. Your generous gift will ensure the longevity of Montessori Academy of London and help us continue to prepare students to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders while keeping pace with changing needs.

Join the 50th Anniversary Club Today and watch your monthly donation grow over the school year.

Giving a monthly gift at any level makes an incredible impact and helps us plan for the future. You can choose a level that is meaningful to you and designate it to an area of your choice.

Do they all seem important? You can designate your monthly donation to our unrestricted fund, and we will make sure the funds go towards our greatest area of need. Monthly giving is an easy, affordable way to make an incredible difference throughout the school year.

Join the 50th Anniversary Club! Follow this link to Become a Monthly Donor 


50th Anniversary Leadership Circle

Take the leadership circle challenge in honour of Montessori Academy of London’s 50th Anniversary year

Partner with grandparents, other MA families and friends and pledge to donate or raise $5,000 as a team by the end of the school year (June 30, 2018).

Have fun supporting our school and host a 3rd Party Fundraising Event! 3rd party fundraising activities could include; yard sales, bottle drives, paint nights, chili nights, wine tasting and more. Note that third party fundraising activities are not supported by the school and would be organized and initiated by your team.

The team that raises the most funds by March 1, 2018 (minimum of $5,000) will receive a complimentary table of 8 at the 50th Anniversary Gala. All teams will be listed at the 50th Anniversary Gala, and acknowledged on our website.

Join the Leadership Circle. Register Now. 

Every donation counts. To make time a one-time donation, click here. 

For more information, contact Tonya Dendrinos, Development Director at
519-433-9121 ext. 233 or via email: