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Message from Kristen Crouse – April 18, 2021

Dear MA families,

We hope that you had a wonderful Spring Break week!  We are all very eager to see the students again, some in person and others via Zoom.

What to expect this week: 

  • Toddler and Casa students will continue to come to school as per usual with the same hours. If you are registered for Extended Hours, they also are the same times (8am for early hours; 5 pm pick up for late hours).
  • Students in Years 1-8 will begin online Zoom lessons on Tuesday. Monday morning, the home room and specialty teachers will be in school organizing work/notebooks to have students pick up prior to the online sessions.

Elementary and Junior High parents:

Please follow the schedule below for the pick-up times for your child(ren)

  • Monday: 1-2 pm – Lower El items will be available at the students usual dismissal doors. Please note LE 2 families will use the Main Office door/ Reception.
  • Monday: 2-3 pm – Upper El items will be available at the students usual dismissal doors.
  • Monday: 2-3 pm – Junior High students who didn’t take any of their items can return at this time to pick them up.

If you have children in both Lower El and Upper El/Junior High, please aim to arrive closer to the 2 pm time slot.

We ask that everyone adheres to safe practice measures, i.e. wearing masks, keeping 2m apart, and being quick with the pick-ups.

The teachers will send an email to families on Monday with more details about the Zoom sessions. If at that time you have more questions, please email the teachers then. Thanks in advance for this!

The Main Office hours will remain the same: 8:30am-4:15pm.

We know that the online sessions for our Elementary and Junior High students are not optimal, however we have seen them persevere through this already and have great faith in their ability to do so again. We look forward to when our whole MA community is back at school!

Stay safe.

Kind regards,
Kristen Crouse, Academic Director

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