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Montessori Buzz – Dec. 11, 2018

Reminders, sports updates,
and tons of fun photos!

Dear Montessori Families & Friends,

Montessori-endorsed app supports literacy skills

We would like to introduce you to a progressive new app for practicing phonological awareness, decoding, spelling and the initial stages of learning to read. The app is called Maria and is simply laid out and very accessible for children (ages 5 to 7 years) to use independently. The brilliant control of error sets up the student for continuous success. It is also free, without any distracting advertisements. Endorsed by CAMT (Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers), this app is a way to support your child’s ongoing reading development. Learn more: 

~ Lisa E. & Angela

UE Bake sale funds raised…

Thank you to everyone who supported our bake sale on November 30. We would like to let you know that we raised $645.35 to buy presents for the patients at the Children’s Hospital for Christmas. We have spoken to Tina and are arranging the time to go purchase the presents for the patients at the Children’s Hospital.

When we first thought about the bake sale, we approached Tina with a proposal, which she thankfully approved of and we got to work right away. We created a list of baked goods and researched how much everything would cost. Then we created an expense report. Finally, the fun started and we baked all the yummy goodies!

We would like give a special thank you to the many students that helped prepare all the treats for the bake sale. We would also  like to thank Tina and Meghan for all time and effort that they put into the sale. This bake sale was an amazing experience, we look forward to another bake sale in the future.

Thank you,
Ana, Addie, Elle and Morgan

Lost & Found

Numerous items were left behind after the Winter Celebration last week (water bottles, mittens, etc.). If any of your family’s items have gone missing since Tuesday, you may want to check the Elementary Lost & Found area — at the bottom of the stairs at 711 Waterloo St. We also have a growing collection of clothing items in Lost & Found, so please feel free to drop by and take a look.

Holiday Dinner form due

The Elementary and Junior High students and staff will enjoy a “Holiday Dinner” together for their lunch at the Colborne Street Gym on Thursday, Dec. 20. If you haven’t returned your holiday dinner form to school, please do so by Wednesday. If your child does not wish to have the holiday meal, they are invited to bring a bag lunch to the gym and have lunch with their peers.

Sports update


The Senior hockey team is on a three-game winning streak with their final game coming up this Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 8 am at Kinsmen Arena. Please feel free to come out and cheer us on!

Junior Basketball

The season for Junior basketball will begin after winter holidays. Practices will be held this week during playtime. Once the regular season starts, practices and games will be held after school. Notes outlining the details and a game schedule will be posted on the Upper Elementary website.

Intramural Volleyball

Four teams from Upper Elementary represented the school at an intramural volleyball tournament this week at Carling Heights. All the teams did extremely well and improved their volleyball skills throughout the day. Congratulations to both girls teams for making it to the semi-finals of the tournament.

Year 5 climbing at Junction

On Friday, the year five’s went rock climbing at Junction Climbing Centre. Everyone had a great time stepping out of their comfort zone.

Elementary & JH Skating Family Skate is Thursday!

Our annual Elementary and Junior High Family Skate is Thursday from 12:30-2:00 pm at Western Fair. The buses will take the students to the rink at 12:15 pm and will bring them back to school at 2:00 pm. Parents are invited to join the students on the ice. You may take your child(ren) home from the arena — however, if you do, please let their homeroom teachers know before you leave.

Please make sure your child has a helmet and skates. We suggest asking a neighbour if you are in need of skates for the Family Skate. Herm’s Sports, Play it Again and SportChek all carry used skates if you are in need.

If there is an unforeseen circumstance that your child cannot participate in the event, please contact your child’s teacher.

Cookie-making Teacher Party photos!

The students who signed up for the Christmas Cookie Teacher Party had a fantastic time decorating yummy cookies for the holidays. Look at the concentration – and skill! MA-zing.

Lower El Teacher par-tay!

The Lower Elementary teachers threw their “Countdown to Christmas” party on Thursday night, and everyone had a great time! Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Westmount Casa Phys Ed

The Westmount casa children want to send a big thank you to Dave for his super fun phys. ed. classes. Our 2018 classes ended on a ‘high’ note when Dave decided to pull out the enormous parachute. With teamwork, we all pulled together to turn the parachute into a giant dome that we could all run around in. We look forward to more fun in 2019!

Westmount Toddler juice making

To stay hydrated and fight the germs that make us sick, the Toddlers at Westmount made fresh squeezed clementine juice.  It is delicious, loaded with vitamin C and it is so much fun to make!

Oxford Casa 4 celebrations

Last week was truly a special time of making memories for Casa 4.  On December 4, the children enjoyed collaborating with our friends at Westmount to sing “The Climb” after many weeks of practising. On December 6, we wrapped up our study of North America by having our potluck social with our focus on Canada. What good fun we all had!  We are very grateful to all of our parents for their continued generosity. The eats were enjoyed by all. It is wonderful to be part of such a sharing community.

Junior High Hanukkah celebration

Last week our Junior High students celebrated Hanukkah by making traditional potato latkes for lunch.


JH holiday cards for seniors

Our Year 7 students got into the holiday spirit by wishing our veterans at Parkwood Hospital a very Happy Holiday and making all 140 of them a personalized Christmas cards this year.

Interesting reads…

Blog post: “Reclaiming handwriting”
One teacher sees a difference in her students’ writing after she re-introduces handwriting for in-class “free writing.”

“And slowly, we are seeing a change.  More punctuation, for sure. A greater awareness when sentences don’t make sense.  More capitalization. The small components that seem to be needed as students grow as better writers.”

Article: ” I’m a Developer. I Won’t Teach My Kids to Code, and Neither Should You.”
There are many misconceptions about 21st century skills children will need to succeed in the workforce. One of them is that children will have an advantage over their peers if they learn how to code/program at an early age – and the earlier the better. … This is simply not true.

Coding is *not* the new literacy. Take a read through this interesting Slate article – it’s one parent’s perspective on how coding too soon can quash creativity and curiosity in children: 

… And for more on our take on technology – you can view and download a PDF of our October 2016 Montessori Matters newsletter: Technology Matters

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