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Montessori Buzz – Feb. 23, 2021

Dear MA Families & Friends,

Camp Discovery registration opens March 1 at 9 a.m.

Registration for our Explorers Camp (Toddler students) and our Adventurers Camp (Casa students) opens on Monday.  Our Camp platform has been upgraded for a more parent-friendly registration experience, allowing for easy registration of multiple children and flexible payment options (including payment by credit card).  Please visit the Camp Discovery Resource Board in the MA Parent Portal for all new details. The Camp registration link will be posted on the MA Parent Portal and the Camp Discovery section of our website on Monday.


This week, MA and other Montessori schools around the world will be celebrating Montessori education in the classrooms and through social media! If you’re on social media, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the hashtags: #montessoriweek #montessori 

Photos from the week

Westmount Toddlers at work

Look at how focused and joyful our Westmount Toddlers are when they’re working… 🙂

Casa Bonhomme Carnaval 

Our Casa students celebrated Bonhomme Carnaval D’hiver last week. The weather was perfect with lots of snow. We had fun building Bonhomme’s ice castle, ice fishing, playing hockey and having sled races. We finished up with a parade, hot chocolate and delicious croissants. 

Casa 1’s Budding Builders!

Casa 1 has many budding carpenters! Several students took turns securing the legs of our tables on Friday afternoon. Thanks for your help. 🙂

Casa 3’s Montessori Materials

Maria Montessori created beautiful and educational Sensorial materials. Today, Casa 3 experimented with cubes!

Year 1 printmaking

Printmaking is an art form that is centuries old and it is always a favourite of the students. Year Ones had their first try at it Monday morning in Art after Jenn read them the story, “Shapes Of My Heart.” True printmaking artists!

Year 3 Snowglobes

The Year 3’s finished the week finishing off their snowglobes: 

UE practical life skills!

Friend to the rescue! A detached pompom is no match for this guy! Our resident seamster has been busy sewing up his buddy’s winter gear all afternoon! Thanks a bunch, Cutie!

SCIENCE! (Specifically, Year 6 chemistry!)

Our year six students are exploring mixtures and compounds for their Chemistry unit. Bring on the science experiments!

UE Music performance!

UE2 was presented with a beautiful violin piece by Spencer. 

Year 5 Home Alone Course graduates

The Year 5 students just completed the Home Alone program that was done over the course of a few Friday morning sessions at school within their cohort rooms. The program, taught by Kristen Crouse, provided our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. The students learned how to establish a routine, how to keep the house key safe, how to answer the phone when their parents aren’t there, how to deal with emergencies and some basic first aid.  The students received a certificate for completing the course.

From the Community

Heads up: National Engineering month is March

March is National Engineering month! A few events for students. March 6 – online mathletics for grades 6,7,8 – solving engineering problems.

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