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Montessori Buzz – Jan. 14, 2020

Sibling Applications due this Friday, January 17

Applications to MA for siblings of current students are due this Friday to reserve a spot in our programs for the 2020-2021 School Year. Certain programs have limited space and we would like to provide priority to our current MA families. If you would like to submit an application for a child in your family, please login to the MA Parent Portal.  The online application can be found in the “Resources” section – accessible from your home page. Or, you can access the application here:  Offers of Admission for siblings of current students will be provided through the MA Parent Portal in March. 

Lower El to Upper El: Moving Up Session is tomorrow

We are hosting our LE to UE Moving Up parent session on Wednesday starting at 4:15 p.m.. If your Year 3 child is moving up to Upper El in September and you haven’t returned your RSVP to the school yet, you can contact Kristen directly at Thanks!

#MusicMonday: Our students at LPL

Three of our students joined teacher Lisa E. at London Public Library yesterday to help kick off the Library’s new instrument borrowing program. Learn more about the program on the Library’s website:

Here is a Facebook link to a London Free Press video covering the opening remarks. Jump to 1Min30 for the really good stuff. 😉

Waterloo Toddler activities…

There has been a lot of activity during the first week back in the Waterloo Central Toddler classrooms. The students and teachers wish to welcome Bryant and his family to Montessori Academy of London! This can be a challenging transition for many of our youngest students, but Bryant has begun to meet many new friends and is enjoying his time spent at Toddlers.

In one of the big activities from last week, the toddlers had fun building a snowman and playing in the snow in the first days back from the Winter Break. 

A Waterloo Toddler student prepared fresh orange juice by squeezing the oranges herself, and then washed up the dishes herself!

In the Toddler program, students begin to recognize that they are part of a greater community, and are encouraged to collaborate on work. 

New Year Celebrations in Casa 3

Casa 3 celebrated all things New Years this week. One of our lessons included a Chinese New Years Dragon dance.   

Casa 3 hot cocoa with friends

As the cold weather approaches Casa 3 has changed their food preparatory work to include something to warm them up. On Friday, one of the students prepared hot cocoa for herself and invited a friend to join her!  

Westmount Casa gratitude

We would like to send a big “THANK YOU” to all of our Westmount Casa families who joined us in our classroom on Friday to celebrate International Thank You Day!  It is celebrated on January 11 each year! We took the time to show our appreciation to our loved ones! 2020 is off to a fantastic start! 

FYI: January 24 PD Day Camps

The Factory is hosting a PD Day Camp on January 24. For more information, visit:

London Children’s Museum also has a January 24 PD Day Camp:

A few March Break Camps

Children’s Museum has camps for both March Break weeks:

Junction Climbing has March Break camp: March Break camp registration is now live and will be open until March 12 or until full.

We’ll share more March Break Camp information as we receive it. Know of any camps that would be a good fit for our students? Send ‘em along!

Where in the world is MA?

The Persaud family has been in Australia, and the boys have been writing a blog about their experiences on the trip. Meanwhile, mom, Roxanne, says she has a new appreciation for our teachers! 🙂  They even found another Montessori Academy! 

She adds that they are based far from the devastating fires, but during their travels they’ve seen the smoke and impact the fires are having on the rest of the country. Read the boys’ blog here:

Parent Information

Montessori 101: A special publication of The Montessori Foundation

We have limited copies available of this special publication from The Montessori Foundation! This 80-page full-colour illustrated magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to demystify Montessori. It addresses topics such as the history and philosophy of Montessori, offers a guided tour of the Montessori classroom, and serves as an illustrated guide to dozens of wonderful Montessori materials. 

If Casa and Toddler parents are interested in signing one out, please ask your child’s teacher at our Westmount, Waterloo Central and Oxford locations. There is also a copy available to borrow at our Main Office. Happy reading! 

Great read: Montessori at the table

Here’s an article from the Globe & Mail about how to bring Montessori into the home and dinnertime experience. 

Helpful handwashing song

This is kind of cool. A Montessori mom from Ottawa and her children have written a helpful song to remind kids how to wash their hands to ensure they’re clean and not spreading germs. Here are links to the song and a CBC article about how it came about.

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