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Montessori Buzz – Jan. 4, 2022

Dear MA Families & Friends,

Update from the health unit

Hi there. Me again! 🙂 You didn’t think at a time like this you would get away with only hearing from me once this week, did you?! I had the opportunity to be on a Stakeholder Update with the MLHU this afternoon and this is what I have learned:
  • Preventative measures are more important than testing at this point. The focus of testing was for the purpose of community surveillance and they already know now that Omicron is spreading far faster than it can be identified. By the time you have a positive test – rapid or otherwise, it is too late. This is why daily screening and being aware of symptoms is very important so slow transmission. If you have one major or two minor of the COVID symptoms, assume you have it and isolate as per guidance below.  Using the screening tool and following the instructions provided is paramount during this time of high transmission.

Information about length of times for isolating when ill or are a close contact

  • If an individual has tested positive on a PCR or RAT test or exhibits COVID-19 compatible symptoms and is under 12 years of age (regardless of their vaccination status) they must self-isolate for at least 5 days from symptom onset AND until their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours (or 48 hours if GI symptoms). 
  • Children and staff (regardless of their vaccination status) who are a household contact of someone who has either tested positive for COVID or has COVID-19 compatible symptoms must stay home while the positive/symptomatic household member is self-isolating (for at least 5 days from symptom onset AND until they are afebrile and their symptoms have been improving for 24 hours). This direction is due to the high rate of transmission of the virus that is being seen within households.
  • If someone who is a close contact of a household/family member develops symptoms they must isolate/stay home for an additional 5 days from the time of their symptom onset (and can return to school as per first bullet of this section).
  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated and 12 years of age and up (staff in the scenario) must self-isolate for at least 5 days (AND symptoms resolving 24 hours – 48 hours if GI symptoms).
  • 10-day isolation applies to an individual who is 12 years of age or older and either partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.   They must isolate 10 days from the onset of symptoms or from the date of their test (whichever came sooner).

Additional information that may be useful to staff and families as they navigate symptoms or positive RAT/PCR tests can be found at:

We will not be reporting positive cases within the school, as this information is no longer being tracked accurately by the health unit and there is not a way to get easy access to testing at this time, as well as due to the information in the first bullet of this message. If you do manage to get access to a test, I don’t need to know if your child tests negative, but I do need to know if your child tests positive for tracking purposes for the Ministry. If your child has two or more COVID symptoms, assume they have and follow the directions provided in the screening tool or as above. The rest of the class can continue to come to school as long as they are passing the screening using the provincial school-screening tool:

Full cohorts are no longer being dismissed. The difference with children who are unvaccinated that are under 12 having to isolate for only 5 days instead of 10 is due to the fact that this age group, at this time, does not appear to be getting as ill nor is putting a strain on the healthcare system, however those over 12 who are unvaccinated can meet both of these areas of concern.

Although this information does not make anything any easier, I hope it provides some clarity that we were all looking for. The next 3 to 4 weeks are going to be challenging for everyone whether you are working from home, doing school at home or are on site in your place of employment. Even within our staff community, we hit all of these options and some of us more than one.

During our staff meeting yesterday, having the opportunity to hear from each person, was a really great dose of perspective that although we are in the same storm, we are all in very different boats. I can only do my job the best that I can (and can’t imagine what it takes to do most of the other roles that reside in this school!) today or any day that is ahead of me, and I know the same goes for all of you. Let’s give each other grace in the coming weeks as we gear up for another ride on a wave that has been like no other.

Be well,

Tina Sartori
Executive Director

NEW DATE: Family Skating is now Feb. 10

GOOD NEWS! This event has been rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022! Let’s all send some positive thoughts to the powers that be that we’re able to get together for some fun outdoor time together. Space is limited, so registration is required.
If you haven’t already registered and are interested in joining us, please sign up online through the following links. There is no need to re-register. Please register for one session only, thank you.
If you’re no longer able to attend on this new date, please let us know via email:

Elementary hot lunch

We have cancelled all lunches ordered up to January 14, and parent accounts will be credited.

Financial Support Applications are due today

Full details on how to apply, along with a Financial Support FAQ can be found through the MA Parent Portal under the “Resources” section. Or through our website:

Sibling Applications due Jan. 14

Applications to MA for siblings of current students are due by this Friday, January 14, to reserve a spot in our programs for the 2022-23 School Year.  We would like to provide priority to our current MA families before new admissions are offered in March.
If you would like to submit an application for a child in your family, please login to the MA Parent Portal. The online application can be found in the Resources section. Offers of Admission for siblings of current students will be provided shortly after re-enrolment closes in February.  Please feel free to contact Victoria with any questions: or 519-433-9121 ext. 211.

Parent Communications Survey – thank you!

Thank you for your input on the Parent Communications Survey! We’ll take a closer look at it in the New Year to see how we can improve the way we communicate with our families. If you weren’t able to provide input, feel free to reach out to Linda at


Photos from before the Break

Cookie decorating in Toddler

From before the break – Toddler 2 enjoyed decorating their very own – very yummy – gingerbread people. Look at the concentration!!

Kwanzaa in Casa

Casa 1 continues to explore Winter Holidays this week with a focus on Kwanzaa. The children enjoyed creating Kwanzaa bracelets in the traditional colours of red, black and green.

From Today in Waterloo Toddler

Toddler and Casa resumed in-class learning today. This update is from Waterloo Casa: The knowledge that each student gains in the first few months of school really shows itself after the winter break. There is always such a peaceful buzz in the classroom as the students confidently settle back into their routines. The students are eager to work with the new Practical Life work, have new lessons and work with material that they were shown in the fall. We are happy to be here.

Good reading…

Here’s a link to an interesting article from Forbes: “New Research Highlights The Long-Term Benefits Of A Montessori Education”
And an article from Chicago Parent: “Chicago area schools putting brain research to work” – Science continues to support Maria Montessori’s findings:
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