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Montessori Buzz – June 18, 2019

Your second-last Buzz of the year

Dear MA Families and Friends,

Year-end Assembly – 6 p.m. at Banting tonight!

Our senior students at each level will receive their certificates tonight in this fun wrap-up to the school year. There are no Extended Hours tonight – Casa through Junior High – so staff can join us at the event.

Arrival times

  • Senior Casa students – please arrive by 5:45 p.m.
  • Year 3 students – please arrive by 5:30 p.m.
  • Year 6 and Junior High students – please arrive by 5:15 p.m.
  • The Assembly starts at 6 p.m.

Parking is at the back of the school. Please enter the school at the back; there is an awning with the name of the school on it.

Celebrating some MA milestones

Congratulations to the MA-zing staff members who are celebrating milestones this year!! We look forward to recognizing all of them at the assembly tonight!

  • 10 years – Shawn Butler, Tara McFadden and Sarah Kneeshaw
  • 20 years – Kristen Crouse, Janet Anderson and Dave Ratcliffe
  • 25 years – Ann Sugrim and Carroll Spence


Big 10 Raffle winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Big 10 raffle!
1. Package #1: Experience Richmond Row – Taimi Williamson
2. Package #2: Enhance Your Culinary – David Edgell
3. Package #3: Style & Grace – Eugenia Canas
4. Package #4: London Local – Nitzan Holzberg
5. Package #5: Date Night – Ed Milligan
6. Package #6: Organize & Relax – Paul Manders
7. Package #7: Sports Minded – The Brunet Family
8. Package #8: Family Fun – Debbie Paul
9. Package #9: Dinner is Served – Janette Anderson
10. Package #10: $1000 cash – Sarah Noad

Thanks to everyone that bought tickets! We raised just under $10,000 to go towards upgrading our Junior High kitchens and classrooms.

FYI: This is your second-last Buzz of the school year.

School is done on Friday, but there’s so much going on, we’ll have a wrap-up Buzz next Tuesday.

Heads-up: Year-end Board message

Watch your inbox for a year-end message from the school’s Board of Governors – coming your way later this week.

Casa first responders visits!

Our Casa locations welcomed first responders recently and learned how to be safe and remain healthy.

Waterloo Toddler parent social

Happy Father’s Day from Westmount

We hope all of you Dads and Grandads had a wonderful Father’s Day! Westmount Casa would like to extend a warm thank you to Mercedes (Rue’s mom) for volunteering her time and crafty expertise to our class while working hard on our Father’s Day craft.

Westmount Casa’s gym finale

“Is it a Dave Day”?  Those were the first words from many of our children when they knew it was a gym day! Westmount Casa would like to say “Thanks, Dave!” for all the fun we had in phys ed this year.

Waterloo Casa’s dandelion art & science

We have been studying life cycles over the last few weeks and have learned some interesting facts about plants and flowers and how they spread their seeds. Did you know that dandelion seeds grow inside a hard brown nut!!?? Did you know that the wind can blow a dandelion seed up to 805 kms away!?  We also learned that dandelions are the first food source for bees after our long Canadian winters.

We felt inspired to draw and watercolour our own dandelions and make a few wishes!! We hope they all come true!!

Casa 3 baking activities

The sweet smell of freshly baked bread is floating through the air in Casa 3! Our senior students have been learning how to bake bread on their own, and they are thoroughly enjoying this process. They also butter and serve their bread to their peers as a snack. Delicious!

Phys Ed updates

Gym Teacher for the Day
Luca in Year 6 won the opportunity to be Gym Teacher for the Day. Luca was a big help last Thursday, as he planned the classes and helped organize and look after the Lower Elementary students. Luca did a great job and really connected with the younger students. Great job, Luca!

Thank you
Thank you to all of the students that represented Montessori Academy this year in the sport program, and THANK YOU to all of the parents that drove, picked up and took time out for early morning hockey, after school games and weekend tournaments. Our program would not be what it is without you!!

Our success is due in large part to the fantastic attitude and teamwork that the students compete with. We would like to congratulate the Senior and Junior Ice Hockey team, all of the intramural teams, Senior Volleyball and Basketball (C Champs), and the Track and field team, which placed 3rd two years in a row.

Please remember to play safe this summer. We look forward to another exciting year next year!

Lawson visit at Junior High
Arizona Coyotes (and former Montessori Casa student) Lawson Crouse paid a visit to the Junior High students last week. Lawson spoke about hard work, perseverance and how to overcome roadblocks and keep moving forward with a positive attitude.  He entertained questions from the students and told us about his road to the NHL. Thank you, Lawson!

Westmount Year 8 graduates

A couple of weeks ago, two of our MA graduates (and former Westmount Casa students!) spent some time in our class as part of their Grade 8 journey to graduation. We would like to congratulate Ashlyn and Ethan, as well as all of the other graduates completing their Montessori Journeys at MA this year! We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Elementary trip to Camp Kee-mo-kee

Junior High handmade cards for veterans

Junior High students have a long standing relationship with the Veterans at Parkwood Hospital. Visits include performing music for them, singalongs, reading, and just visiting! One of the special things we have shared with the Veterans is giving them cards: sometimes for the holidays, cards of thanks and gratitude, and sometimes just a note to let them know we are thinking of them. This past Thursday, Year 7 students at Junior High spent a good part of their afternoon tapping into their creativity to make cards of gratitude, to give to the Veterans on their upcoming visit next Wednesday at Parkwood Hospital. Wow! What a great bunch we have!

Phasing In activities on Friday

On Friday, our senior students at each level spent some time in their future homerooms to get acquainted with their teachers and classmates, while our Year 8 Grads spent some time together at Palasad Social Bowl.


Teacher Party: the girls had fun

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun party took place recently. Thank you to all of our families who contributed to our fundraising efforts through the teacher parties. And a special thank you goes out to our MA-zing teachers for hosting these fun events.

From the Community
Please click on the images to enlarge and view the details:

Building Resilience Talk at Western this Friday

Neighbourhood Movie Night 
The Gibbons Park movie night has been rescheduled for THURSDAY, June 27.






PACMAN research at Western
Department of Psychology research subjects wanted. See flyer attached for details and contact for more information.

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