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Montessori Buzz – May 12, 2020

A message from Tina Sartori, Executive Director

Dear MA Families,  I hope this past Mother’s Day weekend was filled with connection and love — something each one of us needs as our time at home increases. This element of connection, heightened by close proximity we have with our immediate family, is an interesting paradox. I am sure, like in my home, there are times when you are craving some quiet time alone, which is almost impossible … unless you go sit in your car. (Yes, I have done this. More than once.) However, this close proximity to our children — and the development and deepening of our relationships with them — could very well be one thing that will have the greatest impact on them in the future when the restrictions lift. As things begin to open up more, I know we are all wondering what this means for our school and how the year will end. Although I can’t answer the how, I can answer the when. 

If we continue to be at home, we will continue to deliver our home-based learning and the last day of school will still be June 19. The following week, which would typically be our faculty work week, we will come up with a plan that will allow families, in a safe way, to collect items from the school. In the same manner, we will also find a way for staff to access their classes, complete year-end Ontario Student Record files and restore their classes from March. If we don’t return in June, we also look at altering our usual two-week March Break in the upcoming school year. We will be sending an online survey to families in June to get your feedback on what this could look like. 

If (and this is a big if) there is a way to return to school safely, we will extend the year until June 25. More details surrounding this option will follow when we understand what is involved in order for this to even happen. Other changes to June events will also be shared at the end of May or beginning of June depending on the scenario we find ourselves in. 

At this point, our summer programs have not been cancelled. Since our toddler camp resides under the legislation for daycares and independent schools, its viability will depend on how this sector is guided into the summer. Our camp for 4- to 6-year-olds and the new MA Summer Sports Camp, will depend on the guidelines that are provided for day camps to run. All of our camp programs already function in small group capacities, which is a large benefit. 

The State of Emergency has been extended to June 2. We are assuming this means the Emergency Order (that falls underneath the State of Emergency and is keeping daycares and independent schools closed until May 19) could also be extended to June 2 as the Emergency Orders can only be extended two weeks at a time. This Emergency Order announcement is what impacts our May refunds. Knowing this, our Finance Committee is meeting next Tuesday, May 19, to analyze refund impacts, beyond the mandated 100% from the government for our youngest students. We will communicate the results of this meeting in the next Buzz on May 19, the work to process them will begin immediately and refund cheques will be mailed by May 22. If you have any questions about your refunds, the breakdown of your refund or if you didn’t receive your cheque, please contact me at or our Finance Director, David Pasquino, at

Thank you for continuing to share your photos of what is happening with your children while at home. Personally, seeing these photos of students I care about so deeply, ensures moments of goodness and joy everyday, and I am so grateful for it.     
Be well, 
Tina Sartori, Executive Director  

FYI: Friday and Monday 

It will be Zoom sessions as usual on Friday. Originally, Friday, May, 15, was scheduled to be a PD Day, as noted in your printed Year at a Glance calendar. However, Zoom sessions will take place like any other learn-at-home Friday.  However, please note that the school will be closed on Monday, May 18, for the Victoria Day holiday. Therefore there will be no Zoom sessions on Monday. 

Positive feedback on our lunch program

This parent feedback echoes our objectives with our lunch program throughout the school! We want to encourage healthy food choices, expose the children to new flavours and foods, and support their grace and courtesy lessons by dining as a community each day. Although we’re sorry you miss it, we’re so glad you see the benefits of it and appreciate it. 🙂 


This week, Waterloo Casa talked about emotions, kindness and what makes us unique and special. This is Niko’s emotion art! 

Interesting viewing: Montessori and remote learning

This short video from Princeton Montessori, “Montessori Stands Tall,” outlines why and how Montessori students are so well equipped for remote learning.

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