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Montessori Buzz – May 31, 2022

Dear MA Families & Friends,

Purple and Green Shirt Day is June 6

From the Junior High students:
On Monday, June 6, 2022, we will honour the five members of the Afzaal family by wearing purple or green shirts. A committee of Junior High students in partnership with the Youth Council Combating Islamophobia (YCCI) is organizing this event along with having age-appropriate conversations with each classroom. Students will walk for 15 minutes to reflect about the attack and take a moment of silence in Piccadilly Park. Our Montessori community will stand in solidarity as we support Our London Family, spread awareness and empower youth. It is essential to us that children and youth understand and accept others, and we wish to encourage the feeling that our students can take information and experiences learned at school to combat the injustices of the world.
Find more information on other activities going on in the city:

Artisan Market wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who came to the Artisan Market on Friday! The turnout was fantastic! We hope you had as much fun as we did and enjoyed all the amazing vendors.
We saw so many smiling faces – getting their face painted, enjoying a balloon, eating Brazilian cheese bread, smashing geodes, and shopping with the talented vendors. Thanks to your support, and all the wonderful books donated… the plant sale and used book sale raised over $1300 for the Elementary Library!
There are still leftover books! Stay tuned for details on an After School book sale in the coming weeks.

Will’s great adventure in writing!

Junior High student Will Godbolt is a published author! Check out his fantasy adventure novel “The Boys In Morale.” Available through books.…/dp/1778016901/

Photos from the Week

Westmount Toddler’s nature walk

Last week, the Westmount Toddlers went to the hills for a nature walk!

Toddler 1 caring for their environment

Care of the environment is a major part of the Montessori philosophy. This teaches the child to have respect and care for something other than themselves. On Thursday, our Toddler 1 friends decided to wash all of our stools.

Waterloo Casa insect … snacks?

Waterloo Casa wrapped up their study of insects by getting creative with their snack Thursday. We made snails, ants on a log, butterflies and spiders. Surprisingly, they were all delicious!!

Casa 2’s outdoor learning

With the beautiful, warm weather we have been outside lately. Casa 2 is applying thick layers of sunscreen, hydrating and venturing outdoors. We enjoy gardening, crafts, reading, counting, nature story writing, building words with letters carved in wooden cylinders, and other challenging activities. In between activities that stimulate our brains, we run fun obstacle courses in our natural playground to enhance gross motor development.

May shower

The LE3 children hosted a fun Bridal Shower for their teacher Sarah before her Wedding this Saturday! Congratulations to the beautiful bride!

Welcome (back) to the UE Science Fair

How great was it to come into the classrooms for this event? It’s been too long. 🙂

Updates from the UE trip

Absolutely no fun was had during the taking of these photos. JK 😉 They had a blast during their polar plunge this morning… Especially gym teacher Dave.
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