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Montessori Buzz – Nov. 13, 2018

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Dear MA Families & Friends,

Emergency and Weather-related messages

The white stuff on the ground this morning more than hints that winter is not far off. As noted in your printed Year at a Glance Calendar, in the event of severe weather, the school will make a decision about closing the school by 7:15 am, if possible. If we decide to close the school, we will send an email to all families – through the same distribution list as this Buzz newsletter. If you have not received an email by 7:25 am, it is safe to assume the school is open.

Also, we follow the Thames Valley District School Board – if the public school board closes its administrative offices and all city schools, the Academy will close, too.

We will follow up any school-closure email with posts via Facebook and Twitter, and update our website’s homepage. However, we ask families to please check email first for school closure announcements.

The safety of our students, families and staff are of the utmost importance, so if you feel the weather is too bad to bring your child to school, please feel free to keep him or her home.

Good things grow in our school…

Something has sprouted in the Reception area. Keep your eyes peeled for Blue Bags on Friday for more details.

CHF event coming up: PJ Day on Nov. 23

For over 20 years, Montessori has raised an incredible amount of money to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents who benefit from Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, Thames Valley Children’s Centre, and Children’s Health Research.  Last week, the CHF committee met with Jennifer Baxter and Erica More, who gave us some ideas as to where our efforts this year can go towards. The Committee has decided on Music Therapy and Art Therapy.

This year’s Champion Child is Hunter, from Thunder Bay. He surprisingly beat all odds and survived LHL, a rare blood disease. Hear his story here:

On PJ Day – Friday, November 23 – when your child comes dressed in their pajamas, it would be appreciated if they could bring in any spare change to help support the Children’s Health Foundation. Thank you for your amazing giving!
– Junior High CHF Committee.

Charitable Giving – what it is… why it’s important

Why do we raise money and collect donations for other charities during 1000 Acts of Kindness month and throughout the year? It’s part of our commitment to leading by example through our Charitable Giving program as noted in our Parent Handbook: “The Academy participates in Charitable Giving to local (Children’s Health Foundation, London Food Bank and Merrymount Children’s Centre) and international charities (WE movement, Sleeping Children Around the World) that directly support children. Every effort is made to make these activities meaningful, educational, and to develop a sense of responsibility and appreciation on the part of the student. These activities are important for students to develop empathy and a sense of responsibility toward others.”

Charitable Giving supports the school’s Vision of “a community of confident compassionate and engaged citizens who think globally, act responsibly and collaborate successfully to create a humane world.”

The Journey to Discovery

Thank you to the parents who joined us on Friday night and Saturday morning for the Journey to Discovery. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive; the Journey offers a closer look at what their children do daily in the Montessori classroom and with the beautiful Montessori material.

Thank you to the MA-zing teachers who prepared their classroom environments and gave their time on Friday and Saturday for this special event.

Remembrance Day Assembly

Thank you Corporal Mike Maris for joining us for our Remembrance Day Assembly Thursday morning.

Here’s a snippet of the Junior High students performing “Somewhere Only We Know”:

Home Alone Program for Year 5 students

Throughout the month we spent two Thursdays learning about ways to stay safe while home alone. During this time we established a number of safe plans when home alone. We talked about strangers and how they can be a person that we’ve never met before or a person we may have seen before but we don’t know anything about them. Our phone is our lifeline when home alone. If we answer the phone we discussed that we should never tell the person on the line that we are home alone, instead we should tell them that our parents are busy and they will call back later. We also learned that sounds in the home may be scary yet they are just household things like a furnace, or branches hitting the windows of our home. In a moment of emergency we were taught to call 911 and we need to tell the person who we are, where we are, and what happened. We also learned what to do in case of a fire, thunderstorm, windstorm, and gas leak. We  learned simple first aid and how to handle things such as burns and nosebleeds as well as the dangers of corrosive products, explosive products, flammable and poison products. Surfing the internet can be dangerous and we should never give personal information out while on it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the program we did.
Big thank you to Kristen Crouse for teaching us such important life lessons.
~ Written by:  Maitlyn and Liam G.

Westmount Casa study of Europe

Westmount Casa is studying Europe. To help celebrate the beautiful country of Italy, Macy’s mom Erica joined the class last week to make a treat that was super ‘delizioso’! The children were hands-on in the pizzelle making process (an Italian waffle cookie). They made both chocolate and vanilla flavours, sprinkling them with icing sugar and served with a side of fruit! Grazie (thank you) to Erica and Macy for sharing this special family tradition with our class.

Guest artist in Junior High

Last week Metis artist Brenda Collins returned to the school to work with our Junior High students. She taught them about wampum belts and their significance; the students then created their own belts using colourful beads.

The Montessori Birthday tradition!

The Montessori birthday tradition is special; our youngest students honour their classmates who are celebrating a very special occasion! The birthday celebrations vary depending on the school and the teacher, but in many Montessori Casa classrooms the celebration incorporates the beautiful Casa material…the child holds one of the colourful Montessori globes that they use to learn about land versus water and then the seven continents…. Learn more about this tradition on our Facebook page — and see a video of today’s birthday celebration at Waterloo Casa: 

Mom & Caregiver magazine

Our very own Rue from Westmount graces the cover of Mom & Caregiver this month!

A case for hands-on material

In case you weren’t sold on the benefits of the manual, tactile material our students use from an early age – or our emphasis on cursive writing over print and typing, here’s an interesting article on dexterity (or the lack of it) seen in today’s medical students:

From the Community

Women In Engineering – Western camps for girls Saturdays in 2019
Girls Club is a program for female students in Grade 3-8. Girls Club meets every Saturday for two hours from January to March to explore different streams of engineering and welcome special guests. Registration is now open. For more information and registration please visit:

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