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Montessori Buzz – Nov. 17, 2020

Fundraising and Development updates

1) Annual Appeal

Watch for this year’s Annual Appeal letter being sent home this Friday, November 20.

Colour in the pizza toppings on the back of the Annual Appeal letter and send it in with your donation. We will add your favourite topping to the large pizza in the front lobby!

Why pizza you ask?  Can you guess what we are raising money for this year? Here’s a hint: it involves food and our Elementary students!

You’ll have to read the letter on Friday to find out the rest!

2) What’s for Dinner? Holiday Edition!

ORDERS OPEN TODAY – Limited Number Available!

We’re back with a hearty holiday edition of What’s for Dinner!  MA and Growing Chefs have partnered again to bring your child’s favourite meals home for dinner… Plus a SPECIAL HOLIDAY TREAT!

We have selected four popular dishes from our Lunch program with Growing Chefs, and Executive Chef Katherine has been busy making and freezing your child’s favourite meals!

Orders are due Tuesday, December 1. 

For this fundraiser, there are ONLY 25 to 50 trays of each frozen meal available for sale! Last time we sold out of entrees within days, so get your orders in quick – First come, first served! Each Order is a Family Serving Size of 4 to 5 People.

The Holiday Menu

Entrees – $35

#1 Butter chicken and rice

#2 Chili (Beef)

#3 Chili (Vegetarian)

#4 Shepherd’s pie

Soups – $16

#1 Parsnip and apple cider soup (Vegan)

#2 Split pea and ham soup

#3 Split pea soup (Vegetarian)

SPECIAL Holiday Treat $25

Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Dough Kit (includes 1 batch of cookies to make 2 dozen cookies, and icing ingredients plus recipe)

Orders will be available for pick-up at Growing Chefs on Thursday, December 10 during your selected half-hour pick-up window.

  • Pick Up Date: December 10
  • Time:  Select a half-hour window when you order
  • Order Deadline: December 1
  • Location: Growing Chefs Headquarters – 460 King St. London, ON


Proceeds from each order will support Montessori Academy of London’s COVID-related expenses such as; personal protective equipment for staff, increased volumes of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other miscellaneous materials needed for classrooms to adjust to the new standards.

Other ways to help:

CHF donations for 2020-2021

On Monday, November 9, both Junior High cohorts participated in a Zoom call with Jen Baxter, the Director of Community Relations for the Children’s Health Foundation (CHF). She explained to us what the Children’s Health Foundation is and who it supports. The amount of money donated by generous people in our community fund amazing programs for children at the hospital, such as Art Therapy to help give the kids control over something in their life or Ollie the Therapeutic Clown program which helps the kids feel comfortable during their hospital stay. 

This year, we have chosen to donate to Ollie the Therapeutic Clown and the Child Life program. Ollie the clown takes having fun very seriously, making sure that the kids still get to have fun when in the hospital. Child Life is also committed to guarding children’s mental health and helping them through their difficult hospital journey. We were educated on the surprising amount of money that goes into making such programs possible, especially the Child Life program because it does not receive government funding. Also, we learned how the programs are designed to make children who are facing life threatening situations feel happy and welcomed at the Children’s Hospital. 

Jen then continued to talk about the Child Champion for 2020 Teaghan’s video that you can watch here: Teaghan suffered from LAL-D Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency which is a rare disorder that affected her ability to produce enzymes that break down fats. The meeting concluded and all students were left in shock at what only one dollar can do to help kids who are in life threatening situations. All of those loonies and toonies donated together become a large sum of money that helps children in need. 

We look forward to working with Julianna in the future, who has volunteered at CHF for 17 years and continuing Montessori Academy of London’s long-standing tradition of helping CHF and kids all across the London area. 

Thank you to the teachers and Jen of course for making this experience possible. 

Thank you Linda, our editor and Buzz creator.

Written by Rocco F., Maitlyn H. and Marcus A.

Don’t forget:  PJ Day (a CHF Event) is FRIDAY!

Friendly reminder: Per COVID protocols, please do not send stuffed animals this year. 

MA’s fly ride!

By Maitlyn H.

A year ago the old CHF Junior High group put the money donated by Montessori students, families, and teachers to purchase a blue, mini Mercedes. This car is operated by children driving around the hospital to their appointments. Unfortunately, these kids do not have control over their illnesses, but they get to control their transportation! We are so pleased that a car with a Montessori logo will be driving around Children’s Hospital making a child’s day! We look forward to making more projects like this possible in our community.

Elementary Scholastic Book Club Program

The holidays are inching closer, and books make a fantastic gift! Not to mention, reading every day is the best way for children to become independent readers. Take a look through the Scholastic Book Club monthly catalogue online and order from the comfort of your home. 

Find the interactive, digital Reading Club November Flyer here: 

  • Click on the book cover to learn more or add it to your cart
  • Use Class Code RC 41 95 22 at checkout to support the Elementary Library. 

When you use the Class Code our Library earns 20% of the value of the order in rewards. The rewards earned can be put towards new books for the library, digital resources, and more! *Note: Orders under $35 will be charged $3.50.  

Free Shipping on your order of $35 or more* when you use the Class Code. 

Photos from the week…

Waterloo Toddler 2 

Waterloo Toddler 2 spent time last Wednesday watching the cement being poured just outside the classroom. The toddlers were really enjoying themselves!

Westmount Toddler

The Westmount Toddlers had noticed that a lot of people are wearing red poppy flowers recently – parents, grandparents, and teachers are all wearing red poppies! “Why?” they ask.

We talked about how the poppies help us remember to be kind and gentle. They help us remember all of the special people who have helped to make sure we have a peaceful, safe, and happy world to live in. 

The Westmount Toddlers wore their very own red poppies with pride this morning, in honor of Remembrance Day. 

Thank you, Royal Canadian Legion, for providing us Remembrance Day poppy stickers for all of our staff and students this year! 

Casa 1 – Diwali celebration

Casa 1 made paper Diyas to celebrate Diwali! 

Casa 3 Questions…

Last week, one of our Casa 3 senior students brought in some beautiful artwork. When we asked her about it, she said these were some questions she wanted to ask us! From top to bottom: Why are puddles brown when water is blue? How high can planes fly? How do we get honey without getting stung by bees? And finally, is the moon made of cheese? Always thinking…this is an inquisitive mind!

Remembrance Day Assembly

Although we couldn’t gather at the gym the way we usually do, the students were able to view the Remembrance Day video at the gym in their cohorts throughout the day. Another ovation for Shawn and the teachers for their hard work on the awe-inspiring Remembrance Day 2020 video; and loud round of applause for Janet and the Junior High students for bringing her idea to decorate the gym in poppies to life! 

UE collaboration in action

The Year Sixes are challenging themselves to solve this 1000 piece puzzle together! 

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