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Montessori Buzz – Nov. 23, 2021

Dear MA Families & Friends,

A message from Tina

There is a lot of information to share with you, so you may want to grab a coffee, glass of water or that piece of chocolate you were saving for later…..
A number of announcements and memos came out on Friday, the most exciting news was that 5- to 11-year-olds will now be eligible to receive vaccinations!

COVID updates

This morning, the Health Unit’s vaccination appointment booking system began offering dates and times when children will be able to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at More details can be found here:
If your child is in Upper Elementary, you do your very best to get an appointment as soon as they are available to support our numerous risk mitigation factors we are putting into place for the UE Winter Trip. Currently, we are hearing the doses will be eight weeks apart and if this is the case, there is potential for the group to be fully vaccinated before the trip in February. There is potential the time frame for the second dose could be pushed out, however students on this trip need to get at least the first dose, if eligible, in order to participate.
We also received memos from the Ministry of Education for both our CCEYA programs and the elementary school regarding an increase in restrictions as we move into and come out of the winter break in December. The memo also highlighted after this time period, the goal is to move “towards pre-pandemic learning environments.” What exactly does this mean? We don’t know yet, but it does give me hope!
The requests they have made for December, we already have in place, however when we return in January:
  • Daily screening and confirmation by the school will return starting Monday, January 3, for the first two weeks we are back to school. Toddler and Casa families, this is nothing new for you. Elementary and JH families, you will need to start this process with your child(ren) again. This means you complete the provincial tool and then record your result in the classroom google form.
  • The school will provide text message reminders daily at 7:15 a.m. during this time frame.
  • Please follow all advisory guidelines, including federal testing and quarantine requirements if you are choosing to travel, that were outlined in the Buzz last week.
There is also a NEW London COVID-19 Testing Location: LifeLabs
  • Address: 1350 Fanshawe Park Road, London, ON
  • Hours of operation: Thurs: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sun: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • How to Book:
  • Symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals can book an appointment for testing online at or by calling 1-877-313-4982 (Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm ET)
Now for something fun to look forward to….since we are unable to host our Elementary Family Skate that traditionally occurs in December at a local arena, we are moving it outside for all to enjoy!

Mark your calendars: Family Skate on January 6!

We will welcome in the New Year with a Family Skate at the Storybook Skating Trail on Thursday, January 6th. This is a free event for our families, hosted by the school, however there will be capacity restrictions in place. For this reason, we will need families to pre-register and this will be available in a future December Buzz. We will host our younger skaters in Toddler, Casa and Lower Elementary from 5:30-7 pm and our older skaters in UE and JH from 7 – 8:30 pm. If your family has students across both age groupings, you are welcome to pick whichever time is most convenient. We are able to host 150 people in each time slot. There are COVID protocols we have to follow and we will share all those details in the registration form. There is no outside food or drink to be brought in, however the Beavertails stand will also be open!

What else is coming up… class visits

It is hard to believe December is just around the corner as time seems to be flying by, especially with all that happens in the school over the coming weeks. We do also want families to know we are working on a plan to provide parents an opportunity to visit the classrooms in the New Year. We understand it has been a very long time since you have had the chance to be in our environments, and those who have a child in a new level may not have been in the classroom at all. We know how deeply the magic of Montessori for our students resides in our beautiful environments and materials and that you are missing this element too! Of course we have protocols to follow and need to find time to coordinate these visits with empty classrooms, but we will get there. Stay tuned!
Personally, I always find November a hard month to get through. I love to see the sun and find the shift to shorter, darker days to be challenging. However, knowing there is so much light and love coming into all our lives in the next month, with celebrations potentially feeling a little more like they used to, will be so uplifting. Take care of yourselves and each other.
Be well,
Tina Sartori
Executive Director

Re-enrolment & Admissions updates

Applications for Financial Support

Applications for Financial Support will open on Friday, December 3 through Apple Financial Services, and are due by Tuesday, January 4, 2022.  The Ann Marie Harding Financial Support Program provides tuition support for families enrolled from second-year Casa through Junior High and who have been enrolled at MA for at least two consecutive years.
Full details on how to apply, along with a Financial Support FAQ can be found through the MA Parent Portal under Resources or through our website:

Sibling Applications

Applications to MA for siblings of current students are due by Friday, January 14 for the 2022-2023 School Year.  We have already received a high volume of applications for our Toddler and Casa programs, and would like to provide priority to our current MA families before new admissions are offered in March.
If you would like to submit an application for a child in your family, please login to the MA Parent Portal.  The online application can be found under Resources.  Offers of Admission for siblings of current students will be provided shortly after re-enrolment closes in February.  Please feel free to contact Victoria with any questions:  or 519-433-9121 ext. 211.

The Annual Appeal goes home this Friday

“The only thing you have to know, is the location of the library” – Albert Einstein
After almost 45 years of enjoyment, our Elementary building and Library is in need of an upgrade. This summer our building at 711 Waterloo St. will be undergoing the last phase of our major renovation project which includes the library, French room, Lower Elementary 3 cubby area and part of Lower Elementary 1. We have set aside funding for this major renovation, but we need your help to complete the library! You can donate online or by sending in the donation form that is going home this Friday with the letter.
Have someone in your family colour in the bookworm on the Annual Appeal’s donation form, and send it in with your donation so we can show support in the Library! Bookworms will be on display in the Library for the remainder of the school year.

What’s for Dinner? – Holiday Edition!

ORDERS OPEN TODAY – Limited Numbers Available
We’re back with a holiday edition of What’s for Dinner?!  MA and Growing Chefs have partnered again to bring your child’s favourite meals home for dinner – and a SPECIAL HOLIDAY TREAT! Each Order is a Family Serving Size of 4 to 5 People. We sell out of entrees and cookie kits quickly, so get your order in before it’s gone!
Orders are due Tuesday, December 7th! This exciting initiative is a limited time fundraiser for the school with a limited number of frozen entrees available.
Pick up your order on December 14th at Growing Chefs, then keep it in your freezer until you need a break from making dinner, or are so busy with holiday planning you forgot about dinner!  A wholesome, nutritious and delicious dinner your whole family will enjoy!


Gingerbread Cookie Dough Kits $25 
Includes dough, royal icing mix, piping bag & tip, complete recipe and a template for gingerbread house, plus a cookie cutter – the option is yours which you decide to make!
Entrees – $35 (Each order serves 4 to 5 people)
  1. Beef Lasagna
  2. Vegetable Lasagna (Vegetarian)
  3. Pork Tourtiere
  4. Chicken Pot Pie
  5. Vegetable Pot Pie (Vegetarian)
Soup – $15 (1 Litre, Frozen)
  1. Carrot Ginger Soup (Gluten Free, Vegan)
  2. Minestrone Soup (Vegan)
Orders will be available for pick up at Growing Chefs (460 King St. London, ON) on Thursday December 14th during your selected time.
Proceeds from each order will support Montessori Academy of London’s Library renovations.
**We are testing out Simplyk , the only ticketing for non-profits that gives us 100% of your payment.  With other platforms, Montessori Academy of London is charged a processing fee that takes away from the fundraising profits made.  Simplyk does not charge us any fees, so we earn 100% of your purchase. A contribution to support Simplyk will be suggested at the payment confirmation step. Please note that you must un-check the contribution if you do not wish to support them.

FYI: ‘Snow Days’ – we’re keeping them

School leadership decided last year that we’re going to maintain our “Snow Day” school closure policy. While we don’t often have school closures due to weather, we will continue to call for Snow Days when it applies. These days are a chance for our students to just be children; for making memories; for playing outside or for staying in with a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie. We think these types of activities are a key part of the Canadian childhood experience and should remain intact. 

MA merch for sale at the Office

  • NEW red or silver reusable water bottles $25 each
  • NEW TOQUES! $15 each
  • Tuberz fleece-lined neck warmers  $10 each
Stop by the office at 719 Waterloo to purchase. Cash, cheque, Apple Pay, debit or credit accepted.


Photos from the week!

Westmount Toddler marble art!

The Westmount Toddler children are creating tracks on paper using marbles and paint! So much fun! Watch the short video clips on Instagram:

Waterloo Casa sewing video

Lucas has chosen his felt piece, his button and his thread. He has measured out a length of thread, and threaded his needle. We have tied a knot, and are ready to begin. Eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and precision is required to complete this work and is very calming for the child.
“Repetition is the secret of perfection, and this is why the exercises are connected with the common activities of daily life.”   – Dr. Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child 

Casa 4 Culture study

This week the children had great fun making their own inukshuk out of a collection of pebbles in many  shapes and sizes.  Our friends enjoyed  chatting about the Nunavut culture, and the purpose behind the inukshuk.

Lower El donation of books

Lower El 1 student Marianne donated lots of books written by and about Indigenous Peoples of Canada. These will enrich our library and classrooms.

Year 6 needle felting in art

This week the year 6’s enjoyed an introductory lesson in needle felting. They created images to represent the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.


Upper Elementary science – frog dissection

Susan and Roxanne presented frog dissection to the Year 6 students on Wednesday. The students were then tasked with identifying the parts of the frog anatomy.

PJ Day!

Archie and Toddler 2 – took 12 tries to get the photo… but you know how hamsters can be… 😉 More adorable shenanigans from the coziest day of the school year in our Buzz Photo Album:
The loose change collected on this day supports Children’s Health Foundation. This year the JH CHF committee decided on two areas to put our giving towards; Child Life Therapy where the hospital is looking to upgrade their gaming consoles and the Opportunity to Participate where this program allows for those who have a disability to play sports. Thank you to all the staff and students (and parents) who supported PD Day this year!
Here’s Waterloo Casa and their super-cool PJ Day-inspired craft: tie-dye pillowcases! 🙂

Junior High Geometry Golf!

by Emilie
What could be better than mini-golf? Mini-golf with math! Over the month of October, the Junior High students participated in the Geometry Mini-Golf Project. We first took a bike trip to Tin Cup Mini-golf course and all the students were split into groups to play. Now, here’s where the geometry comes in: While we were playing, we were to find different geometric shapes within the course. After this, we split into partners and designed our own mini-golf courses. This was no small project, as we had to first design our courses, making sure to include plenty of geometric shapes. Once the golf courses were built, the next step was calculating the area, perimeter and angles of our shapes. At the end of the project, we spent an afternoon presenting and playing each other’s golf courses. This project was a wonderful segway into our first math unit: geometry!

More photos!

Find more photos from PJ Day and the week in our Buzz Photo Album:

Parent Information

Good reading

Star article: ‘The writing is on the wall for cursive, but it remains an important skill to learn’
“But handwriting is useful for more than just signing documents. For example, a recent study published in the academic journal Frontiers in Psychology showed that handwriting engages the brain in many more ways than typing on a keyboard.”

From the Montessori community

This video was shared by CCMA via social media last week and we thought it was a great reminder to families that Montessori is most effective when it is woven into the home environment.
MONTESSORI AT HOME … Is It Too Late to Start?
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