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Montessori Buzz – Nov. 24, 2020

Dear MA Families & Friends,

Reminder: Monthly Attestation due before Monday

Thank you for continuing to follow the many COVID processes and policies – for everyone’s health and safety. We want the in-school learning to continue! Please remember you must complete one attestation form per level (Toddler/Casa, Elementary/Junior High), as applicable to your family.

The COVID-19 Parent Guides were last updated on October 15, and are available in the COVID-19 Information Resource Board.

Links to the Monthly Attestation forms are available on the Parent Portal:

  • under the RESOURCES tab / COVID-19 & September Return to School Resources
  • on your child’s Classroom Bulletin Board under LINKS. (Click the Show More / Show Less button if you don’t see the link.)

What’s for Dinner? Holiday Edition!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock your freezer before the holidays! Entrees, soups and a special Holiday cookie kit prepared by our friends at Growing Chefs are still available but selling fast!

The Holiday Menu

Entrees – $35

#1 Butter chicken and rice

#2 Chili (Beef)

#3 Chili (Vegetarian)

#4 Shepherd’s pie

Soups – $16

#1 Parsnip and apple cider soup (Vegan)

#2 Split pea and ham soup

#3 Split pea soup (Vegetarian)

SPECIAL Holiday Offering $25

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Kit – Includes 1 batch of cookies (makes 2 dozen cookies), and icing ingredients, plus recipe.

Order online today! 

Annual Appeal – Hot Lunch!

By now you should have received your annual appeal letter! The goal this year is to raise enough funds to renovate the elementary kitchen this summer so that we can equip it to serve hot lunch FIVE (5!!!) days a week for our elementary students in 2021.  We will be fundraising for this project the whole school year, so stay tuned for updates!

Don’t forget to colour in the pizza toppings on the letter and send them in with your donation so we can load up our pizza to show support! (We’ve had a couple of awesome “draw your own toppings” submissions to add to the poster: pineapple and extra cheese!! Keep them coming!!)

While we appreciate all forms of donations,  this year we would like to ask that if anyone is able to, please make your donation online through our secure website. 

Shopping online for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Shop with FlipGive and give back to the school!

Join the Montessori Academy of London team on FlipGive and start shopping through the app or team page, and the school will earn money every time you shop with popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Indigo, Sportchek and Esso.

There are two ways to use FlipGive:

1) Visit and join our team
2) Download the FlipGive app – available for Apple/IOS or Android through Google Play

If you are prompted for a join code, enter N2O5CU 

Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online, and the school will earn cash back. Make a purchase within the first 14 days of joining FlipGive, and we’ll receive an additional bonus! 

Photos from the week…

PJ Day

From Casa 2: We couldn’t bring our stuffed toys to school today, but we still made 2020 Pyjama Day fun and special. We were feeling super comfortable in our favourite pyjamas, we played games and we took our bear puppets on a teddy bear picnic. Most importantly, our “money collecting puppy” is full of change, so we feel very generous, which is an awesome feeling! 

Thank you to all Casa 2 families for the donations. They will be greatly appreciated by the Children’s Health Foundation, and the generosity lesson our Casa students are getting is priceless. 

Casa 3 Culture lesson!

Students in Casa 3 enjoyed performing a Chinese dragon dance last week!

Waterloo Casa’s Diwali celebration

Waterloo Casa is studying the continent of Asia. Over the last two weeks, the children have been learning about India. Diwali is a special celebration that happens in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other parts of the world. Diwali means “row of lights.” On the first day of Diwali people line the streets and pathways to their house with oil lamps called “diyas.” Diwali is a Festival of Lights! On the fifth night, large firework celebrations happen all over the cities. We enjoyed making our own diyas and firework displays. 

Upper El gratitude art

This week our UE2 students are reflecting on the true meaning of gratitude. The image of the hand is a symbol to represent the helpful people in their lives.

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