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PCR COVID tests now available

Dear MA Families,

The school has received the registration codes for the PCR Test Kits that we were waiting for. This testing option is available to symptomatic students (**updated: ie. students who have failed screening.**) and staff as well as asymptomatic high-risk contacts/exposures. Please note: these are NOT rapid tests.

To arrange to receive a test, call the Main Office to arrange pick-up, which will happen at Tina’s outer office door along Waterloo St.

To access this door, walk up the driveway that is between the Elementary homes at 711 Waterloo St. There is a ramp on the right side, just before the bridge that connects the LE and UE homes, that leads to a door to Tina’s office. This is where you will pick up your test kit.

We have a limited number of tests; please call the office first to arrange the pick-up of a testing kit.

The benefit of the PCR test is not having to wait and make an appointment online at an assessment centre. You can perform the test at home following the instructions included and drop it off at one of the participating drop-off locations; you can search for drop-off and testing locations here.

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