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Elementary Program

Elementary Programs (6 – 12 years)

Montessori Academy of London offers an exceptional Elementary School program for children in Year 1 through Year 6. The curriculum includes Language (Grammar, Reading and Writing), Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography, History, French, Music, Technology, Visual Arts and Physical Education. The program is supplemented by extracurricular activities in Athletics, Excursions, Music, Community Involvement, Peer Peacekeeping and other activities that are developmentally appropriate.

Like the preschool program, the Montessori Elementary program has been developed based on the characteristics and needs of children at this age group (see Foundations of Learning & Leadership). Several significant developments characterize the needs of the elementary child:

  • Intellectual challenge and mastery become paramount
  • Focus on social skills
  • Tremendous power of imagination through greater cognitive development
  • Innate sensitivity to morality and justice
  • Physical strength and coordination

Elementary children have a great capacity and enthusiasm for understanding the accomplishments of humanity, whether these are in sciences, the arts, languages or technology. When the Elementary child’s great imagination and potential for ownership is engaged, they are highly motivated and hardworking. They become fascinated with the “how’s and why’s” that lead to creative thinking and problem solving; and the Montessori methods have been specifically developed to provide instruction in necessary academic areas, while encouraging these thought processes and motivations.

The Elementary program runs in three-year age groupings. While the Montessori Methods remain concretely based in Lower Elementary (6 – 9 years), they become much more abstract as the child moves into Upper Elementary (9 – 12 years). The transition from Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary is marked by a movement from the Foundations of Learning approach to the Foundations of Leadership approach that is prevalent in the Junior High. As these children are highly focused on social skills and sense of justice, the Upper Elementary program offers many opportunities for community service, independent project initiatives, opportunities for class meetings that build understanding of the roles of government and effective community structures, and practising more sophisticated skills of leadership.

For a glimpse into our Upper Elementary program, visit the Upper Elementary Website.

What People Are Saying…

  • As I’m sure all parents do, we worried a bit about the high school transition. We are pleased to say that our daughter has managed the transition well, seems to be adjusting to the differences in the public system and is happy. …We just wanted to say thank you to everyone at MA who has contributed to her growth and development. Providing our girls a Montessori education may be the single best investment we have ever made. 

    – A. Walton, Alumni Parent

  • IQ tests of children educated according to the Montessori method revealed they enjoyed a higher level of intelligence than the children educated according to the traditional method.

    Source: “The Impact of Montessori Teaching Method on IQ Levels of 5-Year-Old Children,” Ahmadpour & Mujembari. Procedia. Social and Behavioral Sciences. Oct. 9, 2015.

    – Montessori Research

  • Montessori instilled a sense of accountability about getting work done; how to set a plan and follow it through.

    – Mandy van Waes, Class of 2006, Alumni

  • Your school reflects unbelievable commitment and true positive leadership… The values of thoughtfulness, consideration, sensitivity and respect were so palpable – and clear to see – and permeated every aspect of what I experienced while there (visiting)… Please do convey to your staff how enormously impressed I was by everything I saw and heard, and how privileged I felt to be able to enjoy that ‘bird’s eye view’ of a very special place.

    – Visiting Educator, Visitor

  • Grace’s Montessori education continues to pay dividends in terms of how she approaches and operates in the world.

    – S. Foulon, Alumni Parent

  • My daughter is fairly new to Montessori and had taken to the educators and the environment ‘like a duck to water.’ I never imagined her transition would be so smooth. She loves going to school to join her friends and her learning curve since starting early this year is astounding. How many 2 year olds can tell the difference between a toad and a red-eyed tree frog? It’s a joy to take her every morning and see her get so excited about seeing everyone. I wish I had sent her older sister (to MA) when she was a toddler. The children truly flourish (at MA).

    – Parent, Toddler Program Letter

  • In short, we love Montessori Academy of London Toddler Program and we know our sons do too. We feel that it has contributed to our sons’ vocabulary, creativity, confidence, individuality, discipline and friendships. It is providing a vital foundation for their future learning and relationship building. The choice of this school over a traditional daycare was an easy decision for our family.

    – Parent, Toddler Program Letter

  • We value the many opportunities for parent involvement. You are able to join the children during ‘Open Class,’ where you get to take part in … and do classroom work with your child as well as other special events. Parent information nights regarding different aspects of the Montessori curriculum are also very helpful in terms of gaining new knowledge and skills on how to facilitate your own child’s development.

    – Parent, Toddler Program Letter

  • We see how the Toddler program fosters generosity, empathy, intellectual curiosity, the love of learning, self-confidence, focus and determination in our young daughter. We feel confident that the Montessori curriculum is meeting and exceeding our child’s learning and development needs and would not hesitate to recommend to others considering the program for their children.

    – Parent, Toddler Program Letter

  • I love that the children find activities they love within all areas, and are given many opportunities to explore the outdoors, engage in the arts, and enjoy group activities.

    – Joan Haskett

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