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Remote learning to continue

Dear MA-zing Parents and Friends,

I cried a LOT yesterday for so many reasons. You can ask my Junior High son, William. He so kindly cuddled me on the couch for a solid 15 minutes yesterday afternoon. Hearing the announcement from Ford was devastating. I was sad for our students and staff, angry for the political games that are being played, disappointed to not be reunited as a full school to end the year, and left with a feeling of letting our parent community down. Not for what we provide as a school, but just for the fact that we all chose an independent school for a reason and now can’t access it. … I am not going to lie, I may have had something from all four food groups yesterday – cookies, ice cream, chocolate and wine.

All this is to say, I know in the bigger picture of life, although we would never choose this end to the year, these three weeks of extended remote learning is what it is. We have to accept it and figure out how we still close the year in the best way possible. I don’t have all the answers yet of what will be, but my brain is rumbling with ideas. Kristen and I will meet with all the levels for staff meetings next week to plan what we can offer the students. It will include an in-person component so the students will have a chance to see and play with their friends at the park and for staff to present certificates to all of our students who have completed their third year in any of our three-year classroom cycles, with those third-year parents in attendance. Thank goodness we have beautiful outdoor spaces to help us facilitate these opportunities.

To our Year 8 families: this decision also has us re-thinking what is possible for Graduation. We will be in touch with more details once the guidelines for these occasions have been received and we can start putting a plan into place.

To our Toddler and Casa families: I have already received the memo from this sector confirming life is continuing as-is for your children.

To the staff of MA: you are a phenomenal group of educators and professionals. I am so grateful for each of you and for the work you are continuing to do in the various settings and circumstances we find ourselves in. You are superstars.

Time is precious, and I am really trying to live in the goodness of what is before me to help reset my mind today. I wish the same for all of you.

Sending much love and big virtual hugs to you all,

Tina Sartori
Executive Director

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