In the Community

Salthaven Acts of Kindness 2016

October was 1000 Acts of Kindness throughout the school. This year, the Lower Elementary students’ charity was Salthaven Animal Rehabilitation Centre located in Mount Brydges. The centre is run by Brian Salt and a team of over 300 volunteers that provide health care and rehabilitation to sick, wounded or orphaned wildlife. Last year the centre had over 1100 patients. The hope of the centre is to release the animals back into the wild to live long and happy lives as wild animals. For the month of October, the children gathered essential products the centre needed such as paper towels, syringes, bird feed, gift cards and other items needed to run the facility. The response of our families was overwhelming and we collected two full van loads of supplies. (WOW!!) Brian and the staff at Salthaven were completely overwhelmed when the items were presented to him during his recent visit to the school. Congratulations to the Lower Elementary children for their acts of kindness.

Salthaven - 1000 Acts of Kindness 2016