The governance of Montessori Academy of London is the responsibility of a volunteer Board of Governors; the board assumes strategic and financial accountability for the school. Its profile consists of alumni, alumni parents, current parents (percentage of representation is in accordance with our bylaws), community members, and ex-officio officers, including the Executive Director, Finance Director and Academic Director.

The recruitment of governors and officers is guided by the skill set that the board seeks to reflect among its members; the recruiting process for new board members is overseen by the Governance Committee. The board operates within what is considered best practise in the industry for charitable organizations. Resources that are utilized include Pillar Nonprofit Network and the Canadian Association for Independent Schools (CAIS) Governance Guide, which can be found in the main office.

Because the board assumes strategic and financial responsibility for MA, it meets regularly throughout the school year as a full board; members also meet regularly to support several board-mandated committees. It is the mandate of the board to ensure the legacy of Montessori Academy of London and that strong Montessori education in London is protected for years to come. MA families receive communication of the board’s work periodically throughout the year, including the Annual Report.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a board member, or joining a board committee, please contact Tina Brown, Executive Director:  For an interesting article that explains the distinction between for-profit and not-for-profit boards:

Our Annual Report is online:

View Our Strategic Priorities ‘Strategic Direction – 2022-2027’ here

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Our vision is a community of confident, compassionate and engaged citizens who think globally, act responsibly and collaborate successfully to create a humane world.


To provide a world-class Montessori education that promotes academic excellence and prepares children and young adults to engage the world as active citizens and successful leaders.


Academic Excellence


Critical Thinking





Global Citizenship