Parent Education

Montessori isn’t just an approach to education; it’s an approach to life. The principles set out in the classroom have the greatest impact on the children when they’re woven into home life.

Because of this, we want our parents to have a deep understanding of Montessori – how it affects their child’s development and how it benefits their children throughout the program and long after it.

Throughout the year, we offer many opportunities for parents and friends to see the magic of Montessori in action – whether it’s classroom observations in our lower levels or luncheons hosted by our Junior High students.

Curriculum Presentations

Parents are invited to take a closer look at their children’s program through curriculum presentations that focus on a particular aspect or element of the curriculum – such as in our Learn Your Level session. As well, parents of children “moving up” to the next level of education – Toddler to Casa, Casa to Elementary – are invited to Moving Up sessions, which detail the changes in curriculum at each new level.

Over the past few years, the Journey to Discovery has been a transformative experience for our parents and friends. An engaging hands-on experience, it presents the spectrum of traditional Montessori work to parents – taking them on an abbreviated version of their child’s Montessori journey from Toddler through Junior High. In November 2016, we introduced a new parent information session: Connecting the Curriculum Dots from Toddler through Junior High, in which parents learned about Dr. Montessori’s Cosmic Education, and how we present the world to our children to help them to understand their place in it.

Classroom Experiences

Classroom observations will increase a parent’s appreciation of the Montessori Method of education and will answer many questions about your child’s day at school. They also enhances the value of parent conferences with the Montessori teacher.

Classroom Visits are available throughout the year, with scheduled observation times at least twice a year, during one Observation Week, as well as Parent/Child classroom visits. Individual class visits can be arranged by appointment with the classroom teachers.

Toddler classrooms are not open for observation because it can be too distracting for them. However, Toddler parents can arrange for an after-school session to work with their child through their child’s teacher. This provides parents with ongoing communication and understanding of their child’s first school experience.

Parent Conferences

In Montessori, each child spends three years with each teaching team, from Toddler through Upper Elementary, so we encourage parents to develop a relationship with the teachers. Conferences are one way for teachers and parents to better understand the progress of each child and the class as a whole.

Conferences are planned at least twice a year and, if necessary, teachers and parents can meet whenever there is a need by making an appointment by calling the Main Office.

Socials and Events

Throughout the year, parents, volunteers and friends of the school are invited to social events such as Upper Elementary Parent Breakfast, and our Volunteer High Tea in April.

Guest Speakers

Throughout the year we invite guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with our school community. These guests offer both Montessori and non-Montessori-related expertise to parents. Past presenters include Angeline Stoll Lillard, Jonathan Wolff, Aline Wolf, Michael Ungar, Stephen Lewis, Sue Martin and Dorit Osher. We also share information on educational speakers in the London area that may be of interest to parents through flyers sent home on Fridays or through the weekly parent e-Newsletter, The Buzz.

The Buzz eNewsletter and Social Media


Distributed via email on Tuesday afternoon, The Buzz provides information to families on upcoming activities and news, as well as the special Montessori stories and recent events and that make the Montessori experience so special. Click here for past issues of The Buzz.

We also share information, fun photos and stories through our social media feeds, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The MA Parent Portal

Admissions, re-enrolment, classroom letters and calendars, and more

Our MA Parent Portal is a secure online tool that provides parents with access to the Student Directory, Report Cards, sibling applications and school forms and policies. The portal also allows parents to update their family contact information and complete the necessary documents for Re-enrolment. Login information will be provided to parents at the time of admission to the school.

Each month, classrooms share a class letter and calendar that outlines upcoming activities, areas of study and key dates to remember via the Portal.

Some thoughts from parents who’ve taken The Journey:

  • There were no teachers desks;
    the rooms are truly designed for the child!