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Montessori Buzz – Jan. 16, 2024

Dear MA Families & Friends,

New Payment Method: E-Transfer

We are now accepting e-transfers to  This method of payment may be used for donations and fees such as enrolment deposits, lunch fees, activity fees, extended hours, etc.  When using this method of payment, please include your child’s name and payment/donation details in the message section. Due to bank limitations, we cannot accept tuition payments by e-transfer.

Last call: Vision Mission and Values parent input

The school is thrilled to be working with Platinum Leadership on refreshing our Vision, Mission and Values. As part of this process, we’re engaging stakeholders from across our school community and beyond. To gather input, we are planning to host one or two parent focus groups on Wednesday, Jan. 31, and share an online survey through the Buzz. Deadline to sign up (Google Form) is tomorrow.

MA Day @ the Factory is coming soon!

Join your classmates, families and friends for a day of jumping, fun and pizza at the Factory on Sunday January, 28, 2024.  Each ticket includes 1 Rock All Day Pass and 2 Slices of Pizza. SAVE money on your Rock All Day Pass by purchasing it through us!
Rock ALL Day Passes include unlimited access to the Factory’s ropes, zip lines, trampoline and warrior course from open to close.  The Rock ALL Day pass is good ALL day – but we will all meet in the Canteen for Pizza at 12pm. Only a limited number of passes are available.
The last day to buy passes for our MA Day @ the Factory event is Tuesday January 23:
For more information contact Tonya Dendrinos at or 519-433-9121 ext. 233.

Congratulations, Year 5 Home Alone grads!

By Maya and Taleen
A week before the winter break, we did a home alone course with Kristen Crouse. We learned what to do when we are home alone and how to react if something happens. For example, what to do if you heard your smoke alarm and had a fire, what to do if someone knocks on your door, and what to do if there were storms and the power goes out. We also learned some basic first aid and about poisonous substances. Finally, if you are allowed to go on the internet, we learned about internet safety. We loved doing our home alone quiz and enjoyed learning about how to be home on our own.

Forest City Little Music Makers

Elementary music teacher Lisette’s next session of Forest City Little Music Makers is on! There’s still time to give you and your little ones the opportunity to make music together. We guarantee it’s a better life when you sing, move and immerse yourself in LIVE music. Come see for yourself and try a free class! Find information on her website: Forest City Little Music Makers – Let’s Make Music Together!

Photos from the week

Tons of Toddler activities

Last week, some outdoor time, practical life and culture lessons kept the Waterloo Toddler children busy during the first week of 2024.

Toddler Baking

What a way to kick off a new year! The Westmount Toddlers have been baking daily!

This post was picked up and reshared by Living Montessori Now on Facebook, where it has received a lot of attention. For those interested, here’s the simple bread recipe:

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 and a half teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons greek yogurt
  • Half cup of milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • First sift the dry ingredients together in a bowl, then mix in the wet ingredients with a spoon and oil a baking pan and pour in the mixture, bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Birthdays in Westmount Toddler

Westmount Toddler celebrated two children’s birthday with a Birthday Circle. Happy Birthday, Daria and Ziva!

Lower El 1’s Science lesson

Last week, the students in LE1 participated in an engaging science lesson!
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